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Council Clips – July 6, 2021

Mandatory Mask Bylaw Repealed

Masks will no longer be required in public indoor settings or in outdoor line-ups with Council’s repeal of the mask bylaw this afternoon. However, the Government of Alberta still requires masks to be worn while using public transit, including ride share vehicles, taxis, motor coaches, and shuttles as well as in any continuing care facility, and any facility operated by AHS/Covenant. Individual businesses may require staff and/or customers to wear masks inside their place of business. While masking is no longer required in most situations, it is important to support those who may wish to continue wearing masks while adjusting to this next phase of the pandemic recovery. Please be kind and respect others’ level of comfort and risk tolerance. The protective plexiglass barriers in Town of Canmore facilities will remain in place until at least this fall.

Heliport Lease Renewed

Council approved a 10-year lease (effective Dec. 1, 2021) with Alpine Helicopters with a further reduction of the maximum number of sightseeing flights from 60/day in the current lease to 35/day (42% reduction). The minimum sightseeing flight duration was increased to 25 minutes, and a reduced rent was negotiated to reflect the increased restrictions applied to the heliport operations. Administration will return on Sept. 7, 2021 with a project description and budget to work with Alpine Helicopters to review possible locations in or near the municipality to locate a staging helipad for operating sightseeing flights or relocate the heliport. For details visit 

EPCOR Water Quality Report

Council heard highlights from the report including minimizing the number of sewer back-ups in 2020, reducing water loss from leaks by 4%, and implementing a water testing program at Quarry Lake and Rundle Forebay to address concerns regarding source water quality at the Rundle Forebay.  EPCOR also tested for lead in drinking water and there are no concerns. To read the report, visit 

Quarry Lake Parking

Households in Canmore are eligible for free parking at Quarry Lake. Administration reported that they have received some requests from MD of Bighorn residents to be eligible for the free pass. As this is the first season of the parking program, later this year administration will debrief and analyze the successes and challenges with the program, including feedback received from town and Bow Valley residents. Administration acknowledges there is some desire from residents in neighbouring municipalities to expand access to the program and will consider that as part of the debrief from this pilot season. 

REST Pilot Program

Council received an update on the program that provided an overnight, cold weather mat program for people experiencing homelessness within the Bow Valley. The program supported 22 individuals between February and April 2021 and provided 104 safe and warm nights. Individuals were provided shelter through a mat program in St. Michael's, at a local hostel, and/or through YWCA Banff. Based on the REST pilot program evaluation, there is an identified need for a low-barrier shelter within the Bow Valley. The REST Program Manager is currently reviewing different potential program models and will work with community stakeholders to open a winter mat program space in 2021/2022. The Town of Canmore’s Community Social Development provides programs and partnerships to help prevent and intervene in times of crisis and provide social safety nets. Visit for more resources. 

Policy Review

Council rescinded five policies where the content of the policy is more appropriately contained in a corporate directive or procedure document. Council also approved amendments to 17 policies to either make minor edits to format, language, or make legislative changes. There are also policies where substantial changes are being recommended. This includes policies with new direction or approach, the removal of procedural elements, the updating to our new template, or improved clarity of intent. Policies were reviewed during a previous workshop with Council where Council provided feedback. Those changes were incorporated in several policies as presented today. Highlights of the changes can be found in item H4b of the agenda package. All policies will be posted on

Council also approved:

  •        Details for the Tax Recovery Public Auction on Oct. 6, 2021 at 10 a.m. At this time, 20 parking stalls are set to go to auction. These properties represent a total of $29,934 in outstanding property taxes. The Municipal Government Act requires the Town of Canmore to hold a public auction for any parcel of land listed on its tax arrears list if the tax arrears are not paid for more than one year. All property owners have been contacted. For a list of properties, see item H3b in today’s agenda package.
  • An amending agreement with the Canmore Golf and Curling Club to supply brine from the Canmore Recreation Centre (CRC) for the curling ice. A lump sum fee based on historic consumption rates has been agreed to by both parties.
  • An increase in funding of $13,000 to accommodate the additional unanticipated upfront purchase cost of the two electric vehicles and installation of chargers. This additional $13,000 will eventually be reimbursed by rebates from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.

Today’s agenda package can be read at


Council Clips – June 15, 2021

Bow Valley Immigration Partnership

Council heard an update from the Bow Valley Immigration Partnership (BVIP), of which the Town Canmore is a founding member and supports the work being done. BVIP is a partnership of over 60 members including representatives from community groups, businesses, governments, agencies, and local community members. The vision of BVIP is to help create a Bow Valley that values diversity and supports the inclusion and integration of all residents. As a result of new pandemic-related needs and an increased awareness of the importance of anti-racism work, BVIP has adapted their strategy to include increased pandemic-related support and community-driven antiracism work. Read more here

2020 Canmore/Banff Rural Housing and Service Needs Estimation Report

The Town of Canmore is a member of the Bow Valley Homeless to Housing Coalition (H2HC), an inter-agency group working to create supports and services for individuals experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. Council heard survey results from October 2020 indicating 59 individuals (52.7% of total respondents) were found to be experiencing either homelessness or housing insecurity. In total, the survey indicates that there are 145 individuals within the Bow Valley that are living in insecure housing. Of those, 45 reported that within the last month they have lived in a shelter, slept rough (no shelter), or couch surfed. Some common reasons given for finding themselves to be homeless or at-risk included lack of affordable accommodations, availability and cost of childcare, high cost of living, and low wages, and income. Read the report in item D2 of the council package

Council Clips – June 1, 2021

Decision on Heliport Lease Renewal Postponed

Instead of approving the lease as currently presented, Council postponed their decision and directed administration to meet with Alpine Helicopters to renegotiate the terms of the proposed lease with the intent of increasing the minimum duration of sightseeing flights (to longer than 20 minutes) and reducing the maximum number of sightseeing flights per day from 45. As well, Council directed administration to report at the Sept. 7, 2021 meeting with a project description and budget to work with Alpine Helicopters to review possible locations in or near the municipality to locate a staging helipad for operating sightseeing flights or relocate the heliport. For information visit  or

Stan Rogers Memorial Stage Structural Repairs Needed

As part of the planned replacement of the flooring, it was discovered that there are structural repairs required before any regular programming activity returns to the stage. Council approved the recommendation to focus on the immediate structural concerns and extend the life of the stage. In the future, a longer-term plan for the facility could be developed. The Stan Rogers Memorial Stage was built in 1983 and has been the venue for the Canmore Folk Music Festival, the host location for the annual Canada Day Celebration, Pine Tree Players theater productions, Highland Games, and many other events. Updates can be found at

Canmore Recreation Centre Solar Installation

Council approved an increase to the number of solar panels currently being installed on the Canmore Recreation Centre (CRC) to a total of 818 solar panels. The additional 218 panels will contribute to offsetting ~19 % of the building energy cost and reduce GHG emissions. No additional financial contribution from the Town of Canmore is required, as the expected rebate from Alberta Municipal Solar Program  through the Alberta Municipal Climate Change Action Centre will cover the cost. The CRC has the largest flat roof area in the Bow Valley and has one of the highest electricity demands among all buildings owned by the Town of Canmore. As such, it is an ideal candidate for rooftop solar. The project is expected to be energized later this summer and details can be found here

E-Bike Pilot Project Approved

Council approved a one-year pilot project to allow White Mountain Adventures to operate guided e-bike tours. Some program parameters include limiting maximum group size to six participants, having a Canmore business license, conducting the tour on a designated route running from Banff to Canmore along the Legacy Trail to the town centre pathway network with pick up of participants in downtown Canmore. The Town of Canmore already has an approved bylaw that permits the use of pedal electric bicycles on trails and tour operators could use these trails for tours within Canmore without formal Town of Canmore approval. As we are witnessing a greater uptake of different modes of transportation within the community, this is a mechanism that supports this low impact activity, while providing data and tracking feedback on the pilot project. Read more about the existing traffic and road use bylaw here

Quarry Lake Park Enhancements

Thanks to a generous donation of $100,000 from a local family, a formalized jumping platform and stairs will be installed along the western side of the lake, providing a safe platform to enter and exit the lake and mitigate on-going erosion concerns due to the existing unofficial jumping area. The donation allows other enhancements, including new washrooms adjacent to the existing parking area and in the south beach area, a formal access road to access and service the newly installed vault washrooms, parking lot improvements to formalize efficient traffic flow and parking patterns, and additional waste containers to move forward at no additional cost to the taxpayer. For details visit

Canmore Community Monitoring Review and Recommendation Report

The Town of Canmore’s Community Monitoring program began in 1995 based on recommendations from the Growth Management Strategy and provides a summary of key indicators providing local information about past and current emerging trends. Council asked administration to report back with options for a web-based monitoring program to make the information easier to consume, and approved recommendations from the consultant for planning purposes. The Community Monitoring Reports can be found at

Also on today’s agenda:

  • Council appointed Ian O’Donnell to the Business Recovery Task Force.  For more information visit
  • Council accepted the 2022-2027 Canmore RCMP Municipal Detachment multi-year financial plan for planning purposes.
  • Council authorized the new Utility Services Agreement with EPCOR to continue delivering water services in Canmore.
  • Council supported the Town of Okotoks by seconding a motion for the 2021 Alberta Urban Municipalities Association resolution “Expansion to Authority to Support Affordable Housing.”
  • Read more about these items in today’s agenda package

Council Clips – May 25, 2021

Council Defeats TSMV Application at 3rd Reading

Acknowledging the work that went into the process of bringing this application forward, Council felt the current application did not go far enough. Council heard the concerns of the public as they spoke overwhelmingly in opposition to this proposed development. While the amendments brought the application in closer alignment to Council’s objectives, there were still issues that remain unaddressed. Although this application was not approved, the existing area structure plan approved in 2004 remains in effect on this privately-owned land. Details can be found at Three Sisters Mountain Village Area Structure Plan Applications

Council Clips – May 18, 2021

Citizen Perspectives Survey Results

While we know there has been differing levels of support for public health restrictions in the province, it’s reassuring to hear that 83% of Canmore residents are satisfied with the Town of Canmore’s response to the pandemic. That is just one of the things that we heard in the 2021 Citizen Perspective Survey. This spring, Town of Canmore contracted Ipsos to conduct a random survey among a representative sample of 300 residents by telephone. The survey gives us a balanced snapshot of residents’ perspectives and is considered an accurate representation with a margin of error of +/-7.2%, 19 times out of 20. This year’s survey was done on the heels of the public hearing for the Three Sisters area structure plans, and so it is not surprising that the number one issue we’re hearing from the public about is growth and development. To read the full survey results, including the online survey, visit

Upcoming Community Engagement - In Good Company: a Sustainable Tourism Framework

Stormy Lake Consulting have been working with the Town of Canmore’s Tourism Task Force to prepare for and carry out a community wide engagement, with the aim of finding common ground between the tourism industry and the community to work towards creating a shared vision for tourism. They presented their plan to carry out public engagement in June and July of this year. To learn more about how you can get involved and have your voice heard, visit

Canmore and Area Mountain Biking Association Update

The Town of Canmore has an agreement with the Canmore and Area Mountain Biking Association (CAMBA) to enhance and formalize trail infrastructure in Quarry Lake Park and members of that organization provided an update on those activities, as well as a proposal for an expanded skills zone at the Benchlands bike park to align with the Recreation Master Plan and Open Space and Trails Plan. They continue to educate members about staying safe in areas where they may encounter wildlife and sharing the trails respectfully with other users. Watch their presentation on the webcast of today’s meeting at  


Council Clips – May 11, 2021

Council voted to postpone 3rd Reading of Bylaw 2021-05 to Tuesday, May 25, and directed Administration to meet with TSMVPL in order to review and evaluate their identified concerns and how best to achieve the stated objectives of Council as approved through amendments to the ASP at 2nd Reading. Administration will report back to Council on that discussion prior to 3rd Reading of the ASP.

The stated objectives of Council are:

  • To achieve phasing that has all commercial development complete prior to the majority of the residential development.
  • To ensure that the Village ASP meets the MDP requirement of being a primary commercial development with a significant commercial tax base.
  • To reduce the Three Sisters Village residential unit and density projections by approximately 1/3 to achieve the primary commercial development concept of the Village.
  • To achieve a minimum of 20% of all residential units being provided as affordable housing units.

A copy of the letter from TSMV can be found on page 151 of the agenda package


Council Clips – May 4, 2021

Council met today for their regular meeting and also as the Finance Committee.

2020 Operating Surplus

The 2020 financial statements were approved last month, showing the Town of Canmore is in a healthy financial position. Due to the later than usual approval of the 2021 budget, the 2020 projected surplus was factored in, and reserve contributions were decreased to reduce the overall tax requirement. Today, the Finance Committee allocated the operating surplus of $1.3M through transfers to reserves as follows:

  • $197,000 to the Tax Stabilization Reserve
  • $500,000 to the General Capital Reserve
  • $624,770 to the Asset Replacement/Rehabilitation Reserve

Although we lost $2.6M in recreation revenue due to COVID-19 facility closures and restrictions, $1.1M of those costs were offset by reductions in recreation expenses due to closures and restrictions. Most of the operating surplus is a result of unexpected savings in general operating expenses, payroll, and supplies and energy.  Learn more about the budget surplus here

Property Taxes

Each year the Town of Canmore collects taxes from residential and commercial property owners as part of the approved municipal budget. Today Council approved the 2021 mill rate to prepare for the property tax notices being sent later this month.  Canmore's municipal taxes are in line with the average taxes per dwelling of many of our neighbours and those comparisons can be viewed at The Town also collects revenue for Vital Homes (formerly known as perpetually affordable housing), and is required to collect provincial education tax, as well as the seniors housing requisition. To learn more about your property taxes please visit:

Anti-Racism Update to Respectful Workplace Policy

In response to the heightened awareness of racial injustice experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in our community and around the world, Council approved an update to the Respectful Workplace Policy to incorporate anti-racism principles and expand the policy to address anti-discrimination in governance systems.

Traffic and Road Use Bylaw Amendment

To help keep the community and visitors safe, Main Street will be open later this week for pedestrians and cyclists only. Amendments were made to the Traffic and Road Use Bylaw to allow people to ride bicycles through the zone and to ensure access for emergency vehicles. Just a reminder that pedestrians always have the have the right of way on pathways and in this downtown zone. This summer, four Bylaw Services staff will be patrolling the downtown zone and Quarry Lake to help improve the experience for all users. For more information, visit

Other items:

  • Council approved the CUPE Collective Agreement for the seven full-time and two seasonal employees in the Streets and Roads department.
  • Council appointed Councillor Comfort to the Public Art Committee until the October 2021 annual organizational meeting.
  • Finance Committee accepted the 2020 Capital Project Summaries. 

Council Clips – April 27, 2021

Bylaw 2021-06 Smith Creek Area Structure Plan

Council defeated the Smith Creek Area Structure Plan bylaw at second reading.

Bylaw 2021-05 Three Sisters Village Area Structure Plan

Council proposed numerous amendments to this ASP to address some concerns heard during the public hearing. Citing the benefits of the innovation district, commercial development, opportunities for mortgage-helping rental suites in semi-detached and townhouse developments, increased affordable housing, and being an improvement to the existing 2004 ASP on this land, Council approved second reading of the Three Sisters Village Area Structure Plan (ASP) with amendments including:

  • Involving Stoney Nakoda Nation in the approval of all Conceptual Schemes of the ASP
  • Doubling the minimum requirement from 10% to 20% of all residential units to be provided as affordable housing (defined Town of Canmore guidelines)  
  • Constructing the wildlife fencing before any development occurs and changing the phasing of the development to delaying building near the wildlife corridor
  • Replacing Tourist Homes with dedicated visitor accommodation
  • Creating a provision so all semi-detached dwelling and townhouse development require accessory dwelling units (suites)

Third reading of the Three Sisters Village Area Structure Plan is required before the bylaw is passed and is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11. For more information and details on the amendments visit

MOU with Stoney Nakoda Nation

Council also directed administration to investigate and report back on the scope, process, and resources needed to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Stoney Nakoda Nation.

Council Clips – April 20, 2021

Heliport Lease Renewal Update

As part of the process of renewing the lease with Alpine Helicopters, stakeholder groups provided their feedback on Schedule D of the Lease. The feedback received was as diverse as the stakeholder groups, and was used to propose updates to the lease, including reducing the number of daily flights by 25%, wildlife and recreational user disturbance guidelines, and a focus on noise reduction strategies. There will also be requirements to report on GHGs and air quality. All the proposed lease amendments can be read in the staff report here: and town hall is scheduled for May 4 at 6 p.m. to hear public feedback on the recommended terms of renewal for the new schedule. 

Main Street Pedestrian and Cycle Zone

To increase mobility and safe physical distancing for residents and visitors accessing local businesses, we are returning Main Street to a pedestrian and cyclist-only space in summer 2021. Cars will be detoured from Main Street between 6 Avenue to 8 Avenue as of Wednesday, May 5 (weather dependent) until Oct. 15. New this year is 100 stalls of intercept parking near Home Hardware. Visit for details. 

Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) Changes

The DRP provides financial assistance to qualifying applicants to help restore uninsurable property lost or damaged by a disaster to its basic, pre-disaster functional condition. As part of their 2021 budget, the Government of Alberta made several significant changes to the DRP including a new 90:10 cost-sharing arrangement, a $500,000 funding cap per homeowner application, and a one-time limit on disaster financial assistance per property.  Administration is providing Council and the community with an update to these changes so that we can begin to understand the potential implications to property owners and the municipality. For details and links to information on the DRP, as well as emergency preparedness tips, visit 

Climate Action Plan Update

Council was provided with an update on climate action efforts undertaken to date. Notable initiatives include solar incentives, the new Clean Energy Improvement Program to help Canmore residents make energy efficiency improvements to their homes, introducing residential (10 more bins coming later this year!) and commercial food waste collection, providing free local transit, improving cycling and walking infrastructure, and installing the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic arrays in the Bow Valley. Watch the webcast of today’s presentation which will be posted on 

Rooftop Solar Update

There is tremendous potential for rooftop solar production throughout the community and on municipal structures. By the end of this year, six municipal buildings will have rooftop solar installations on them, reducing electricity consumption and GHG emissions. Approximately 40% of the Town of Canmore’s municipal structures have rooftop solar potential, which could result in an approximately 30% annual reduction in municipal electricity consumption. To learn more about solar potential in your neighbourhood or the existing solar installations, watch the webcast of today’s presentation which will be posted on   

Youth Council Program

A Youth Council is being created to connect youth, aged 15 to 18 years old, and support them in engaging in their community. Participants will engage with community by volunteering and creating youth events/programs and raise awareness of youth issues and learn to participant in existing engagement processes. The council is hoping to attract members, including those who may be marginalized such as English as a second language learners, new Canadians, LGBTQ2+, and youth who may not be enrolled in a private or public school. For information how to get involved, visit

Update on Support for Non-Profit Groups

In collaboration with the Town of Banff, a Bow Valley non-profit website was launched to support local non-profit groups. Whether these organizations need print resources, are looking for local contractors who give non-profit rates, the website forum and newsletter connects non-profit groups to the information they need. As well, a speaker series with monthly learning sessions will be hosted throughout 2021. Visit to learn more. In addition, Moving Mountains in the Bow Valley is a new project that just received $400,000 through a grant and partnership with the Town of Banff FCSS, Town of Canmore FCSS, and the Banff Canmore Community Foundation to further this important work with local non-profit groups. 

2020 Financial Statements

At the Finance Committee meeting today, the auditor reviewed the 2020 financial statements which were accepted for the year ending December 31, 2020. Statements are available at


Council Clips – April 13, 2021

Supporting More Temporary Patios

The new public health directive prohibiting indoor dining is affecting many local restaurants. In what has already been a difficult year for our community, Council has renewed support for opening Main Street to pedestrians as part of a pandemic response to allow residents and visitors to safely support local businesses. In addition, we are temporarily easing bylaw requirements related to outdoor patios throughout the town and expanding financial grants available to local businesses as two more ways we can continue to support community businesses. For details on the pedestrian- and cycle-only Main Street visit

Council Clips – April 6, 2021

Safe Park Pilot Program Launching

The Safe Park pilot program will launch June 15 and has been modified for COVID-19. It supports individuals who are employed in our community and who reside in their vehicles. There is a small nightly fee to join the program, and each Safe Park location will have a bear-safe garbage bin, a porta-potty, and will be monitored by a security company. Selected sites consider public health directives, traffic flow, access to central resources, perception of community safety, and program logistics and will have no more than five vehicles registered per location with the same five vehicles assigned to it for the duration of the 2021 program. Late this year, administration will return to council with a program evaluation, overview, and recommendations. The Safe Park program offers an affordable alternative to those who work in our community as a way to help sustain a seasonal workforce. For details visit

Council Approves LUB Amendment for Three Sisters DC District Site 5

Council approved a Land Use Bylaw Amendment for the commercial development in Stewart Creek (Three Sisters DC District Site 5). This rezoning is aligned with the previously-approved Stewart Creek Area Structure Plan in 2004 and the Town of Canmore’s Municipal Development Plan. A commercial development was anticipated within these guiding documents and the proposal includes a mix of grocery, retail, commercial, light industrial, innovation hub, employee housing, and multi-family residential development as well as an environmental reserve and municipal park, and anticipates a build-out of 5-7 years. Improvements include a roundabout replacing the 4-way stop at the Three Sisters Parkway interchange and emergency access to residential lands. For a map of the location, details, and FAQs visit

Business Registry Bylaw Changed to Allow for Busking

Council approved amendments to the bylaw to add a permitting process for busking (but due to COVID-19 it will not be allowed this year), reduce red tape, clarify some confusing language, and change the process for transferring business ownership. For more information, visit

Council also approved:

  • The Supplementary Assessment Bylaw for all properties currently under development that have a construction completion date prior to October 1, 2021.
  • The Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA) 2021 budget and Tax Rate Bylaw.
  • An increase of $25,000 to the Business Resiliency Grant Program to include professional or mentorship services in addition to e-commerce support. Community Futures Centre West (CF) is providing an additional $25,000 of funding to support local economic recovery work.
  • A modified Recovery Grant program for 2021 suspending the current Community Grant program.
  • The return of Councillor Comfort to the Bow Valley Wildsmart board until the October 2021 annual organizational meeting. 

 Details on all of today’s proceedings can be found in the agenda package here:

Council Clips – March 30, 2021

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework with Kananaskis Approved by Council

Provincial legislation requires municipalities with common borders to prepare and adopt Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs). These frameworks address matters related to joint planning, delivery and funding of intermunicipal services. Today Council approved an ICF with the Kananaskis Improvement District to join the one already in place with the M.D. of Bighorn. To learn more about the Kananaskis ICF, read Item H-1 in the March 30 agenda package.

Council Clips – March 16, 2021

To accommodate the extension of the public hearing currently underway, at today’s committee of the whole meeting, Council accepted the following reports for information:

2020 Year End Report for Fire-Rescue – read it at

2020 Year End Report for Bylaw Services – read it at

2020 Year End Report for RCMP – read it at

Councillor Updates

Administrative Update

Council Resolution Action List

You can download the agenda package at

Council Clips – March 2, 2021

Quarry Lake Transportation Management

Based on public feedback to our proposal, Council approved a paid parking program at Quarry Lake Park to manage parking and visitation demand. Canmore residents are eligible for a free parking pass at Quarry Lake Park and Residential Parking Permit zones will be created to manage overflow parking issues in nearby neighbourhoods. Parking revenues are intended to fund maintenance at Quarry Lake Park including additional washrooms and waste bins, as well as the operating costs of the parking system.

Council also approved a new 2021 capital project for $1,160,000 to plan a seasonal transit route to Quarry Lake, the Nordic Centre, and Grassi Lakes in collaboration with Alberta Parks, to begin operation in 2022, including purchase of a new bus and construction of four new bus stops to be funded mostly by provincial grants with the remainder coming from reserves. Visit for all the details about the program.


Land Use Bylaw Amendment 2020-19 Three Sisters DC District Site 5

Following today’s public hearing, Council postponed second and third readings of a Land Use Bylaw Amendment for the commercial development in Stewart Creek (The Gateway at Three Sisters) to further consider public comments regarding the phasing of development. Council will consider this again on April 6. For a map of the location, details, and FAQs visit


Borrowing Bylaws

Council authorized the Town of Canmore to borrow $130,000 for completing a connection of a water main that was part of the original water upgrades identified for TIP20, and $3,000,000 to complete Phase 2 of a new feeder main connecting the Three Sisters area adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant to the south end of Bow Valley Trail.


White Mountain Tours E-Bike Guided Tours

Council referred the request from White Mountain Adventures for a pilot e-bike tour program on multi-use trails in Canmore to administration for review and to seek input from the Tourism Task Force before making a recommendation to Council.


Community Social Development Operational Budget Changes

Council approved the use of potential future grants and contributions to offset previously approved operating budgets. Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and Family Resource Network (FRN), provide community programs and services to strengthen and improve quality of life for families and individuals, and to foster an inclusive and resilient community. Visit to read more about the programs available.


Multi-Year Fire-Rescue Dispatch Contract

After an initial two-year contract, Council authorized administration to enter into a five-year contract with The City of Calgary for 9-1-1 call answer, fire/rescue call evaluation, and dispatch services for the Town of Canmore.


TIP20 Land Expropriation

Through the course of finalizing the design of the TIP20 project, the need for the Town of Canmore to secure a 65.8m2 easement at the intersection of Bow Valley Trail and Railway Avenue was identified in order to construct the sidewalk adjacent to the dedicated right turn lane near A&W. Administration attempted unsuccessfully to obtain an agreement with the landowners for an easement, so Council approved the expropriation of the land. Final costs and payment to the landowner will be determined through formal appraisal. A map of the area can be found in H4 of the agenda package


Canmore Library and Marigold Library Board Appointments

Council appointed Donna Balmain to the Canmore Library Board and as the alternate representative on the Marigold Library Board for a term ending at the October 22, 2022 annual organizational meeting. To learn more about the library board visit

Council Clips – February 23, 2021

2021 Operating and Capital Budgets Approved

Council approved a $57.3M operating and $13.8M capital budget for 2021, with a focus on prioritizing the safety of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing maintenance and accessibility of outdoor amenity space, and reducing our community impact on climate change. Other priorities include proceeding with a near carbon neutral construction plan for a new fire hall, managing traffic and parking congestion, and leading a community conversation on a sustainable vision for tourism in Canmore.

The result is a 4.5% municipal property tax increase for 2021. To put the budget in context, for every $100,000 of assessed value of a residential unit, the resulting municipal property tax would increase by ~$10/year (for a residential property assessed at $700,000 there would be an increase of ~$69/year). Note that until the mill rate is set in May, the exact impact to individual properties isn’t confirmed. The increase was reduced from an initial 8.4% increase by using the tax stabilization reserve to offset $1M in lost recreation revenue and funding the COVID-19 Contingency, and by reducing contributions to reserves. To learn more about the budget and business plan visit

Reserves Policy Amendments Approved

Council amended the Reserves Policy to include two new reserves: the Sustainability Reserve and the Paid Parking Reserve. The policy was also updated to reflect terminology changes and Canmore Community Housing, renaming Perpetually Affordable Housing to “Vital Homes.” The updated policy will be available on the website by the end of the week, and in the meantime you can review all Town of Canmore policies at

Council Clips – February 16, 2021

Delegation: Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce

In partnership with the Town of Canmore, the Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce offered grants of up to $5,000 to support 39 eligible Bow Valley businesses facing unexpected restart costs due to COVID-19. For more information about the recipient categories and the type of expenses covered, read the presentation in the meeting agenda package.

Bow Valley Family Resource Network Update

Council heard an update on the services offered by the Bow Valley Family Resource Network. For more information visit

Property Assessment Update

The Town of Canmore’s assessor, Benchmark Assessment Consultants, presented a summary of the 2021 property assessments.  Overall, residential assessments increased by 0.2% while non-residential assessments decreased by 2.9%, but individual property owners will see different amounts on their assessments, depending on how market changes have impacted their neighbourhoods. To watch the video of the presentation visit or for more information about property assessments visit

Other items

Go to the meeting agenda package to read any of the above reports as well as these regular features:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration

You can also see a video of the presentations at


Council Clips - February 9, 2021

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 2021-05 Three Sisters Village Area Structure Plan and Bylaw 2021-06 Smith Creek Area Structure Plan. A public hearing has been scheduled for March 9 (and 10 if necessary). Bylaw 2021-05 Three Sisters Village Area Structure Plan (ASP) would replace the Resort Centre Area ASP Bylaw 23-2004. The new ASP proposes to guide the future development of the unfinished golf course lands, now proposed to be called Three Sisters Village. Bylaw 2021-06 Smith Creek Area Structure Plan proposes to guide the future development of the Smith Creek lands for residential, mixed-use commercial, business, and industrial uses. 

Council is looking forward to receiving input at the public hearing about what residents like about the ASPs, or what they would like to see changed before Council considers any amendments at second reading. Visit Council Agendas, Minutes, and Videos to watch today’s video to hear what questions were asked by Council as well as the answers received to important community issues. 

To read the documents, supporting studies and FAQs visit Three Sisters Mountain Village Area Structure Plan Applications

To learn how to participate in a public hearing and have your feedback become part of the official public record of the meeting, visit Public Hearings.

Council Clips – February 2, 2021

Council agreed that Mayor Borrowman will send a letter to Premier Kenney, with a copy to the MLA, requesting that the Alberta Government reinstate the 1976 Coal Development Policy which was recently rescinded without adequate public consultation. The letter can be found pdf here (126 KB) .

Council gave first reading to Land Use Bylaw Amendment 2020-19 Three Sisters DC District (Site 5) and scheduled a public hearing for March 2. This rezoning request is aligned with the previously-approved Stewart Creek Area Structure Plan in 2004 and the Town of Canmore’s Municipal Development Plan.  A commercial development was anticipated within these guiding documents and the proposal includes a mix of grocery, retail, commercial, light industrial, innovation hub, employee housing, and multi-family residential development as well as an environmental reserve and municipal park, and anticipates a build-out of 5-7 years. Improvements include a roundabout replacing the 4-way stop at the Three Sisters Parkway interchange and emergency access to residential lands. For a map of the location, details, and FAQs visit

Council also gave first reading to the Business Registry Amendment 2021-01 and scheduled a public hearing for March 2. This amendment proposes to add a licence for busking, reduce red tape, clarify some confusing language, and change the process for transferring business ownership. To learn how to participate in a public hearing visit

Council heard from two delegations today:

  1.          Staff Sergeant Singleton from the Canmore RCMP gave a verbal presentation and answered questions about the local detachment staffing plan.
  2.          Representatives from White Mountain Adventures presented a request that Council consider approving a pilot e-bike tour program on multi-use trails in Canmore. A decision will be considered at the March 2 Council meeting.

Council also approved:



Council Clips – January 19, 2021

Canmore 2020 Living Wage

“Living Wage” is a community indicator that represents the approximate income an average family requires to meet their basic needs and maintain a safe, decent standard of living within their community. Canmore’s 2020 Living $30.97 per hour for each parent of a 2-parent, 2-child household, but is lower if affordable programs for local food, shelter, and transportation are factored in. For more information visit

Homeless to Housing Coalition

The Town of Canmore is a member of, and the fiscal agent for, the Homeless to Housing Coalition (H2HC). Council heard an update on the coalition’s activities, including the receipt of a $57K federal grant which will be used to create an emergency shelter program in Canmore for individuals who are without shelter. For more information about H2HC visit

Other items

Go to the meeting agenda package to read any of the above reports as well as these regular features:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration


You can also see a video of the presentations at



Council Clips – January 5, 2021

Council voted on the following bylaws:

Tourist Home Density in Sub-District C: Council approved an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw to allow for no more than 50% of residential units within a building to be used as tourist homes in this Teepee Town sub-district with the exception of one block of properties that can have 100% of residential units as tourist homes.

Land Use Omnibus Amendments: Council approved a number of clarifications, corrections of clerical errors, and removal of redundant and irrelevant sections of the Land Use Bylaw.

Offsite Levy Bylaw: Council approved a new an updated offsite levy bylaw, which provides a legislated method of repayment by the development community of costs incurred by the Town to provide supporting infrastructure for future development.

All bylaws will be available at

Council also approved:

·         Several 2021 capital projects, including a solar project for the roof of the Canmore Recreation Centre (instead of on the Senior Centre, artsPlace, and Roundhouse at this time), Stoneworks Creek flood mitigation, and network and utility upgrades.

·         Funding for the 2020 capital project for the CPR Crossing Replacement at Spring Creek Gate.

·         An increase to a budget for the digitization of planning records.

·         Amendments to Assessment Appeal fees.

Finally, Council was presented with the 2020 Report to the Community, which is a progress report on the planned work that was accomplished last year as well as on the Town of Canmore’s response to COVID-19. It can be found here:

To read any of the reports in the council agenda package or watch a video of the meeting visit


Council Clips – December 15, 2020

Council held two meetings today: a special meeting to discuss updates to the Town of Canmore’s COVID-19 response and a regular committee of the whole meeting.

Masks Now Required Outdoors in Lineups

The Mandatory Mask Bylaw was amended to require people to wear face coverings when they are outside in a line-up at any retail or food establishment.  For more information about the bylaw visit

Main Street to Remain Open to Vehicles This Winter

After consideration of the implications of closing Main Street to vehicles over the winter, Council voted against taking this measure.

New Electric Sign Trailer on the Way

A new electric sign trailer is being added to the fleet to help the Town of Canmore communicate COVID-19 restrictions to the public. For up-to-date information about the Town of Canmore’s COVID-19 response visit

Global Institute for Water Security in Canmore

The Global Institute for Water Security was established at the University of Saskatchewan in 2011. In 2016, the institute opened a Coldwater Lab in Canmore. The lab’s executive director, Jay Famiglietti, presented to Council about the lab’s research activities and their desire to expand their presence in Canmore.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Recreation Services

Council heard a detailed report on the effect the COVID-19 response has had on recreation services, including significant staff lay-offs and the unpredictable re-opening plan. Read the report here

Community Social Development COVID-19 Response Update

In June, Council approved almost $400K in funding to provide social support to those most affected by the pandemic. To read this comprehensive update or watch a video of the presentation visit





Council Clips - December 10, 2020

Council Clips – December 10, 2020

At a Special Meeting and Finance Committee Meeting today, Council discussed the impact to municipal operations with the current COVID-19 measures in Canmore.

Visitor Management

  • Council directed administration to bring options back to Council to amend our mask bylaw to add a requirement for face coverings to be worn outdoors on Main Street.
  • Council also asked administration to bring recommendations to council with respect to consideration of temporarily making Main Street pedestrian-only again.
  • Council requested signs at entrances to Canmore to discourage all non-essential travel in accordance with provincial health regulations, applying to visitors as well as Canmore residents.
  • Entrances to the community will not be blocked as we remain a service centre for our neighbouring communities, and we continue to allow homeowners to access their properties.


  • Elevation Place and the Canmore Recreation Centre will close on Sunday. This closure will result in the temporary lay-off of most recreation and facilities staff working at these buildings. We are incredibly proud of the work these staff have done over the past number of months to safely deliver front-line recreation services and programming to the community.
  • The remainder of our staff will continue doing the essential work that ensures residents and visitors receive the services needed for daily life in Canmore.
  • Canmore Civic Centre, Public Works (including Bylaw Services), Firehall, and RCMP buildings will be closed to the public, with administrative staff working from home and in-person services only available by calling for an appointment.
  • Day shelter will remain open for afternoon drop-in at the Canmore Civic Centre.
  • As we wait for provincial guidelines for how to manage outdoor ice surfaces, we will start with developing the non-boarded rinks at Rundle Crescent, Peaks of Grassi, and at Our Lady of the Snows. The pond and boarded ice rinks will not be usable at this time and will be opened when safe to do so.
  • While maintenance of local trails and pathways will be prioritized, we know that the freeze/thaw cycles we experience in Canmore make it difficult to prevent icy patches. We want to set realistic expectations and assure the community we will do our best to keep the trails accessible.

New Year’s Eve

  • Council approved the fireworks to proceed on New Year’s Eve to help lift community spirits during these challenging times. Stay tuned for more details on how to watch them while staying physically distant.




Council Clips – December 1, 2020

Council heard an update on the current COVID-19 measures in Canmore. 

  • We need everyone in the community to respect the mandatory measures now in place, especially no indoor social gatherings, and max 10 at outdoor gatherings.
  • Alberta Health Services determines where testing sites are located. The Town of Canmore continues to advocate for a local testing site
  • Elevation Place and the Canmore Recreation Centre remain open (limited to 25% capacity) as the local health inspector considers the health and safety protocols in our municipally-operated facilities to have reduced the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission between users. 
  • Enforcement: At this time, our Bylaw Services are not allowed by the province to enforce the public health orders. Call the RCMP non-emergency line if you see a situation needs immediate attention. 
  • The Town of Canmore has distributed 10,000 masks in the community. Residents can pick up a package of 5 masks between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Civic Centre while supplies last.
  • All information can be found at 
  • Council gave first reading to the following two bylaws. For more information visit

·         Off-Site Levy Bylaw 2020-27 – to establish a method of repayment by the development community of costs incurred by the Town of Canmore to provide supporting infrastructure for future development.

·         Land Use Bylaw Amendment 2020-29 Tourist Home Density in Sub-District C – to increase the number of tourist homes permitted in Teepee Town sub-district C from one per lot to 50% of the residential units within a building.

The following bylaws received third and final reading and will come into effect within the next week:

·         Clean Energy Improvement Tax Bylaw 2020-26 – establishes a method of financing eligible clean energy projects by recovering costs through a clean energy improvement tax. More information about the program is available at

·         Utility Rate Amending Bylaws – sets new rates for sewer and water services, effective January 1, 2021. Residential accounts will increase by 3.4% and commercial will increase between 3.1% and 3.6%.

·         CCHC Construction Loan Guarantee Bylaw 2020-21 – guarantees a maximum of 35% or not more than $1.4M of the construction financing being taken by Canmore Community Housing to construct ~10 townhouse units in Peaks of Grassi. Updates on the development can be found at

Council postponed giving second reading to the Land Use Bylaw Omnibus Amendment 2020-16 until Jan 5, 2021 to consider public input received at the public hearing today.  

Council also approved:

  • An interim operating budget for 2021
  • The 2021 master fee schedule
  • A new recreation services agreement with the MD of Bighorn
  • A terms of reference for the Tourism Task Force
  • Appointment of members to the Downtown Business Improvement Area Board

To read the agenda package visit  

Council Clips – November 17, 2020

Today Council held two meetings.

Special Meeting

Council passed a bylaw establishing a 60m building setback from the Bow River for homes built in the Van Horn neighbourhood.

Committee of the Whole

Council heard briefings on the following:

  • The Canmore Public Library’s executive director updated council on the library’s activities and successes over the past year. To see the library’s annual report visit
  • A study of the Lower Silvertip Wildlife Corridor, including an analysis of the corridor’s functionality and recommendation for next steps has been carried out. To read the study go to D1a on page 14 of  
  • Administration is seeking proposals from contracted service providers to carry out a review of the Canmore Community Monitoring Report. To read past monitoring reports visit
  • All in-person public engagement was suspended due to COVID-19. With restrictions limiting how many people can be in the same room, gathering public input requires a much different approach from our in-person events of the past. To give our community an interactive and convenient way to provide input community issues from the comfort of your home, we have launched our new online public participation website at

Go to the meeting agenda package to read any of the above reports as well as these regular features:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration

You can also see a video of the presentations at

Council Clips – November 3, 2020

Today Council approved the following:

  • First reading of a Land Use Bylaw Omnibus amendment, with a public hearing scheduled for December 1. For more information:
  • A housekeeping revision to renumber an existing bylaw (Bylaw 2020-24).
  • Road Closure at Railway Court (Bylaw 2020-5).
  • First reading of Tax Bylaw to allow for funding a Clean Energy Improvement program, with a public hearing scheduled for December 1. For more information:
  • Implementation of a paid parking program in 2021 including strategies for high parking demand areas both inside and outside of the town centre, including Quarry Lake. For more information:
  • Installation of neighbourhood art on a temporary public site adjacent to the Cougar Creek midpoint pedestrian bridge on the east side of the pathway.
  • An increase to franchise fees in 2021: Fortis from10% to 12%, and ATCO Gas from 27% to 30% with recommendations to support climate action initiatives in the upcoming budget process. The fee has not increased since 2016, and is comparable to neighbouring municipalities.
  • Allocation of $4.2M in funding from the Municipal Operating Support Transfer (MOST) funding to address lost revenue and incremental operating costs due to COVID-19. 
  • A motion to postpone second reading of Bylaw 2020-14 Establishing a Direct Control District in Van Horne to institute a 60m setback from the Bow River until Nov. 17, 2020.

No changes were made to the Mandatory Mask Bylaw by Council today. As a reminder, there are a few exceptions for people who are unable to wear a face-covering. Please be kind and respect their situation. All information about the bylaw can be found at

To see the staff reports or watch a video of this meeting visit

Council Clips – October 27, 2020

Every October Council holds an organizational meeting to:

  • Set their regular meeting schedule,
  • Appoint deputy mayors, and
  • Appoint council members and members of the public to boards and committees

Council Meeting Schedule 

Council will hold a regular business meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m. (except for in January when it will be held January 14) and the committee of the whole meeting is scheduled for the third Tuesday at 1 p.m. No meetings will be scheduled between July 8 and August 17. Details can be found here:  

Deputy Mayor Schedule

The deputy mayor acts as mayor when the mayor is unable to perform his duties, or if the office of the mayor becomes vacant. Council continued their tradition of approving an annual roster where each councillor is appointed as deputy mayor for a two-month period. You can see the schedule here:  

Committee and Board Appointments

Council appointed public members to seven committees, and appointed council reps to a total of 29 internal and external committees. We will be notifying public member applicants before we update our website, but by the end of this week you will be able to see which public members were appointed by visiting 

Council Clips – October 20, 2020

TIP20 Project Update

Council heard an update on the TIP20 project, which is a group of transportation projects tied to the Bow Valley Trail – Benchlands Trail – Railway Avenue intersection.  While some areas of the project have been delayed, the overall completion date for the project is still on track for the end of June, 2021. In addition, an update was provided on how the new intersection will function once it is complete. To learn more visit

Memorial Plaque Program

The Town’s memorial plaque program will be reinstated in 2021 and will include picnic tables as well as benches. To learn more about the program visit

Electric Vehicle Fleet Feasibility Study

Council was presented with the results of a study looking at the feasibility of replacing vehicles and equipment at the end of their lifecycle with electric vehicles (EVs). To read the study read section D3 of the meeting agenda package here

Fire Rescue Peak Staffing

This summer the fire department carried out a staffing strategy review to improve turn-out times, reduce the workload of paid response firefighters, and reduce the difficulty and frequency of responding during high congestion times.  To read the study go to item D-4 in the meeting agenda package.

Community Grant Program

The community grant program has been transitioned to a relief fund intended to provide financial support to non-profit and community organizations. To learn more, or to apply before Oct. 30, visit

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Go to the meeting agenda package to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Marigold Library Update

You can also see a video of the presentations at

Council Clips – October 13, 2020

Update to Council’s Strategic Plan

Conditions in Canmore have changed since Council approved their strategic plan in June of 2018. COVID-19, global influences, and budget constraints require an adjustment to priorities.

While some progress has been made on Council’s original priorities, new emerging priorities were identified earlier this year, and our response to COVID-19 required a shift in priorities as many projects were delayed or cancelled as part of the Town of Canmore’s budget reductions to avoid the increase to property taxes this year. After a priority-setting exercise, followed by group collaboration, Council found general consensus with their top five priorities for 2020-2022.

  1. Community – Proceed with a near carbon neutral construction plan for a new fire hall.
  2. Livability - Prioritize the safety of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing maintenance and accessibility of outdoor amenity space.
  3. Strong Economy - Lead a community conversation on a sustainable vision for tourism in Canmore.
  4. Transportation - Create intercept parking opportunities and implement paid parking to fund free local transit services and manage congestion.
  5. Environmental Sustainability - Reduce our community impact on climate change by implementing a commercial organics diversion prog

Council’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan can be found at 




Council Clips – October 6, 2020

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Van Horne Direct Control District

Bylaw 2020-14 seeks to establish a 60 metre setback from the Bow River for seven parcels along Van Horne. This setback was in place when five of the seven lots were developed between the late 1990s and mid 2000s. Approval of this bylaw would require new construction on the remaining two lots to comply with the same setback. A public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 3, 2020. For more information visit

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Teepee Town

This bylaw amendment, approved today, aligns the Land Use Bylaw with the regulations in the newly approved Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan. For more information about the Teepee Town ARP visit

Palliser Road Closure Bylaw

Council gave final approval to close a small section of road in the Palliser Area to accommodate the development of a new firehall. For more information about the proposed new firehall visit

CCHC Construction Loan Guarantee

Council gave first reading to a bylaw intended to guarantee a maximum of 35%, or not more than $1.4M, of construction financing for CCHC to build affordable housing in the Peaks of Grassi neighbourhood.  Unless a petition against the bylaw is received before Nov. 6, 2020, Council is scheduled to give second and third reading to this bylaw on Dec. 1, 2020. For more information visit

Council Procedural Amendment

Council approved amendments to their meeting procedures to allow for electronic attendance once live meetings have resumed.

Election Preparations Begin

Council appointed a returning officer for the 2021 municipal election and authorized the provision of special (mail-in) ballots, advance elections, and agreements with local school boards should they require a trustee election.

Green Municipal Fund

Administration successfully applied for $42K in funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund. Council voted to allocate the funds to a renewable energy feasibility study.

Council Clips – September 22, 2020

Amendment Approved for Conservation of Wildlands District

The Conservation of Wildlands District contains several existing developments, including Thunderstone Quarry, Banff Gate Mountain Resort, the east end of the Stewart Creek golf course, Canmore Ranch, and two private homes next to Harvie Heights.  Recent amendments to the land use regulations for this district unintentionally removed the development potential of these properties to the extent that the Town of Canmore would have been required by law to either to change the regulations to allow some level of development or else purchase the properties outright.  After holding a public hearing on the matter, Council incorporated what they heard today and voted to reinstate the level of development previously allowed in the Land Use Bylaw with additional requirements that future development not detract from the natural values of the area and include a progressive reclamation plan.

Visit to read the report.

Council Clips – September 15, 2020

Main Street Re-opens to Vehicles Sept. 24

Main Street will re-open to vehicular traffic on Thursday, Sept. 24. Formal, annually-permitted in-street patios are allowed to remain in place until Oct. 15.  When the street re-opens to vehicles, many of the traffic pattern changes made over the summer will remain in place – including a speed limit of 30 km/h in the Town Centre. Main Street is envisioned as a local business area, not a main thoroughfare through town. Visit for a map of traffic pattern changes. 

Bow Valley SPCA Annual Report

The president of our local SPCA, Lisa McDowell, gave Council an annual update on the organization’s adoption centre, community outreach, and volunteer engagement services, as well as described the effect COVID-19 has had on their operations. To learn more about the Bow Valley SPCA, visit or read their report under B1 here

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

You can also see a video of the presentations at

Council Clips – September 8, 2020

Councillor Comfort on a Leave of Absence

Anyone watching today’s council meeting may have noticed Councillor Comfort attended from a hospital bed. Today, Council approved her request for a six-month leave to help regain her health. We should be seeing Councillor Comfort back in time for the April 2021 committee of the whole meeting.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment for Teepee Town

Second reading of the Teepee Town Comprehensive Redevelopment District in Land Use Bylaw 2018-22 was postponed until Oct. 6. To learn more about the Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan visit

Business Recovery Task Force Appointments

The Business Recovery Task Force is being assembled to development recommendations to support residents returning to work, to support business operations in their recovery efforts and future growth, and to identify opportunities to propel our community beyond the recovery stage. Eight public members were appointed today to join Mayor Borrowman and Councillors Marra and McCallum on the task force. Their names will be posted at the following link once all applicants have been notified:

Tourism Task Force Appointments

The Tourism Task Force will lead a community engagement initiative with a broad cross-section of the community, with the aim of finding common ground between the tourism industry and the community to work towards creating a shared vision for tourism. Council had the enviable job of selecting 16 public members out of 48 applicants to join Mayor Borrowman, Councillor Seeley, and the CEO of Tourism Canmore-Kananaskis. As above, names will be posted once all applicants have been notified to:

Council Clips – September 1, 2020

Land Use Bylaw Amendment: Conservation of Wildlands District

Land Use Bylaw amendment 2020-17 proposes to reinstate two previous land uses in the Conservation of Wildlands land use district that were removed when the most recent Land Use Bylaw was approved.  The removal affects several landowners in the district by reducing their opportunity for future development, which in turn triggers legal obligations requiring the Town to acquire the lands affected by the changes. This consequence was unintended and this is why administration recommends the reinstatement of the land uses.  A public hearing on the matter will be held on Sept. 22 at 9 a.m. Visit for more information.

TeePee Town and Quarry Lake Infrastructure Proposal

The provincial government announced a Municipal Stimulus Program aimed at supporting economic recovery.  The Town Canmore is eligible to receive just over $1.6M for capital projects that meet the province’s eligibility requirements. Council approved two projects to submit for funding: a first phase of road rehabilitation and sidewalk reconstruction in Teepee Town where utility work isn’t planned; and functional improvements to Quarry Lake infrastructure including parking, washrooms, waste collection, and west shoreline. This work is contingent on approval of the project by the province for this program. Details can be found in item H2.

Application for FireSmart Grant Funding

The Town of Canmore will apply for $248K in grant funding from the Forest Resource Improvement Association to be used for three projects in the areas of vegetation management, public education, and inter-agency cooperation. Visit for more information about the FireSmart program.

AltaLink Transmission Line Replacement

John Grove, the municipal and community affairs manager for AltaLink, informed Council about plans to rebuild a power transmission line between the Spray Substation to the Kananaskis River, part of which runs through Canmore and, for safety, requires some tree removal on crown land or their right-of-way. Public consultation is underway and the project, if approved, will start in late summer 2021. Visit for more information.

Council Clips – August 18, 2020

Budget Development Direction

Council directed administration to develop preliminary 2021 budgets that do not exceed a 3% tax increase over the originally approved 2020 budget (8% over the reduced 2020 COVID budget) and preliminary operating budget plans for 2022 and 2023 that do not exceed a 5% tax increase in each year. Council will debate and approve a final budget in February 2021. For more information about budget and business planning visit

New Name for Local Peak

Council voted unanimously to support a local initiative to have the Province of Alberta assign an official name to a prominent landmark on Mt. Charles Stewart, which is referenced by an unofficial name that is both racist and misogynistic. See item H3 in

Rezoning at 1 MacDonald Place Rezoning

Following a public hearing, an application to rezone a single detached dwelling at 1 MacDonald Place from R1 to R2 was denied.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment for Teepee Town

The Teepee Town Comprehensive Redevelopment District in Land Use Bylaw 2018-22 needs to be revised to align with the updated goals and objectives in the recently approved Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan. Notable changes include a focus on the creation of increased housing opportunities, accessory dwelling units in multi-family developments, and specific requirements for landscaping. A public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 8 at 9 a.m. For more information visit

New Deadline for Written Submissions

The deadline for written submissions for public hearings is now 9 a.m. on the Friday before a hearing. Written submissions will also be accepted from people speaking at a hearing. For more information visit

COVID-19 Response Updates

Council heard three reports related to the Town’s COVID-19 response:

Time Away From Work Policy

Temporary changes were approved to the Town of Canmore’s Time Away From Work Policy related to COVID sick days specifically to cover periods of self-isolation and quarantine. The updated policy will be posted to by the end of the week.

Council Clips – August 4, 2020

Mandatory Mask Bylaw

At a Special Council Meeting on Aug. 4, Council passed a Mandatory Mask Bylaw that applies to all public indoor spaces. This means, that you will need to wear a mask that fully covers your nose, mouth, and chin when visiting stores, facilities, and public buildings. There are several exceptions to the rule, including children under two, people prevented from wearing a mask by medical conditions or handicaps, and people eating in restaurants or excising at a fitness facility. The bylaw comes into effect on Aug. 7. Click here for more info.

Council Clips – July 7, 2020

Facility Re-Opening Plans

We are gradually re-opening our facilities with modifications, and in some cases, access will be limited, and the user experience will be different than before the closures.

  • Canmore Recreation Centre is open for gymnastics, summer camp and group rental spaces
  • Civic Centre opens July 13
  • Elevation Place – Fitness, Climbing Gym (and library) opens July 20
  • Elevation Place - Aquatics Centre opens early August
  • Alex Kaleta Arena at the CRC opens August 4
  • Thelma Crowe Arena CRC opens October 1

For more details on the phased re-opening of the facilities and ways to access them, visit

2020 Service Level and Expense Reductions

Reductions to the 2020 Operating Budget to lower the overall municipal 2020 tax requirement to 2019 levels resulted in a wide range of service level reductions throughout the organization. We reduced staffing, cut expenses, canceled several capital projects, and reduced reserve transfers. For a full list of how the budget cuts impact the community, visit the Financial Actions section of

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – 1 MacDonald Place

Council gave first reading to a bylaw intended to rezone a single parcel located at 1 MacDonald Place in the Three Sisters Area from R1 to R2. A public hearing is scheduled for August 18 at 9 a.m. For more information visit

Canmore RCMP Financial Plan

Council accepted this 5-year plan that includes an increase of two police officers to focus on traffic enforcement, crime prevention, and community and school resources, and one municipal support person in the Canmore detachment.  To read the report, see item H1a in

Downtown Business Improvement Area Budget Amendment

$20K was transferred from the BIA reserves to fund aesthetic improvements to the downtown area intended to support businesses by creating an inviting and safe place for staff, residents, and visitors. To learn more about Main Street improvements visit

Town Telephone System Improvements

Existing budgets for telecommunications projects were amended to reduce future expenses and support a new solution for Town phone lines, meeting the needs of employees working remotely to answer telephone calls from the public.

Water and Wastewater Services Agreement

Council directed administration to negotiate a new contract with EPCOR Water Services Inc., who have provided water utility services to Canmore since May 2000. To read the 2019 EPCOR performance report visit

South Bow River Loop Water Main Construction

This large and complex project will result in the installation a water line between Three Sisters Parkway and Bow Valley Trail via the wastewater treatment plan. With bids coming in over budget, Council approved a reduction in scope that will allow a portion of the project to proceed that will still provide water to the wastewater treatment plan by the end of this year.

Calgary to Banff Passenger Rail Project

Administration provided a briefing about a recent announcement from the Canada Infrastructure Bank and Albert Transportation to fund further analysis of a Calgary-Banff passenger rail project.


Council Clips – June 16, 2020

Re-opening Plans

We are adjusting and advancing our plans for re-opening Elevation Place and Canmore Recreation Centre. While we have been preparing for many things, recreation centres were always part of the provinces's stage 3 opening plan (best estimate was late summer or early fall). We are still completing maintenance work and are reviewing and analyzing the new provincial guidelines for re-opening. We will re-open when we can meet provincial guidelines, ensure safety of staff and patrons, have resources ready, trained and available, and we can deliver service within budget. We hope to announce re-opening dates and plans next week.

In addition, we are working to understand the changing restrictions for re-opening the Mountain Market, including analyzing options for sites where we can control the entrance and exit to the market. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Delegations Presenting to Council

Three Sisters Mountain Village updated council on their progress and intent for submitting their area structure plans, supporting studies, and plans to engage with the public in the coming months. Information can be found at:

EPCOR, the Town’s water and wastewater services provider, presented their 2019 report. You can read the report here:

Bow Valley Victim Services presented their year-end information sheet and the Biosphere Institute presented their 2019-20 accomplishments and upcoming plans both for the institute and for the WildSmart community program. If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, you can read the written submissions in

Cougar Creek Debris Retention Structure Update

 The contract for the project has been awarded to Flatiron Constructors Canada Limited, and construction is expected to start in early July. The majority of trails in the area will remain open during construction, however access to Cougar Creek Canyon will be closed. For more information or to sign up for email updates, visit

A video recording of the meeting can be found at

Council Clips – June 9, 2020

Property Taxes

Each year the Town collects taxes from residential and commercial property owners as part of the municipal budget. In response to the COVID pandemic, we reduced staffing and service levels, cut expenses, canceled several capital projects, and reduced reserve transfers in the 2020 Operating Budget to lower the overall municipal 2020 tax requirement to 2019 levels. In addition, the tax payment deadline has been extended from June 30 to September 30 without any late payment penalties. For more information visit

New Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan Approved

This new ARP replaces the original plan approved in 2005 and includes allowing for more affordable housing opportunities and amending some of the development regulations around landscaping, roof style, neighbourhood character, and density. Council made some amendments to the plan presented at first reading to address concerns with reference to commercial development and front parking in mixed use areas. For more information visit

Council Clips – June 2, 2020

COVID-19 Community Response

Council approved $397,000 in funding for community support in eight areas: food, housing, social emotional, family, affordability, seniors and vulnerable residents, community organizations, and call centre. Funding for the previously-proposed safe overnight parking program has been redirected to these efforts. For more details, or to provide feedback on how to direct resources to the areas of greatest need, visit

COVID-19 Business Response

A Business Recovery Task Force will be established to lead Canmore’s economic recovery. In addition, Council approved $281,000 in funding to provide support to businesses most affected by the pandemic, including waiving patio fees this summer. For more details, visit

To keep up to date with the Town’s pandemic response, especially as we prepare for stage 2 of Alberta’s relaunch strategy,  visit

Public Hearings

Three hearings were held for the public to provide Council with feedback on the proposed bylaws. Both verbal and written public submissions will be posted on The first public hearing was for a road closure as the Town of Canmore prepares lands for the development of a new fire hall on Palliser Trail. The second road closure is in consideration of the landowners of 3 & 5 Railway Court (Lots 15-17, Block 66, Plan 1095F) applying for the closure of a 758 m2 portion of 12th Street and 3rd Avenue (also known municipally as Railway Court). Both bylaws will be circulated to the Minister of Transportation for approval before Council can further consider the bylaws.

A public hearing was also held for the proposed Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) which has been revised in response to requests received by the Teepee Town Task Force. The updated ARP supports the creation of increased housing opportunities, ensures the efficient use of land, and sets parameters for future conceptual design for Teepee Town’s transportation network. Council will consider second and third reading of the bylaw on June 9. For more information visit Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan.

Other News

·         Council authorized additional scope for the TIP20 project to include work to prepare for the future firehall on Palliser Trail. Work will be done within the current budget but will reduce costs and eliminate the disruption this planned work will cause in the future.

·         Council approved a new 5-year contract for the lease and service of 9 printers for use across Town of Canmore facilities

·         Updates to the Engineering Design and Construction Guidelines will be approved by administration instead of Council.

·         Canmore Fire-Rescue is continuing the peak staffing protocol (within existing budget) until September 6 to reduce the number of times paid responders need to try to get to the fire hall during the busy summer months.

Council Clips – May 27, 2020

COVID-19 Financial Response

Today, at a special meeting, Council made the following amendments to the 2020 budget:

Lost revenue related to recreation facility closures has been offset through staff layoffs, a hiring freeze, and a careful examination of operation expenses and reductions in some service levels.

New costs associated with the pandemic response will be funded through a transfer of $470,000 from the tax stabilization reserve, and 

Reductions in the approved capital program and corresponding reserve transfers will reduce the municipal property tax amount to 2019 levels.

Detailed information, including service level and capital project reductions, can be found at Actions Taken by the Town of Canmore in Response to Covid-19 

Council Clips - May 19, 2020

Y2Y and the Smith Creek Wildlife Corridor
A delegation from Y2Y (the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative) provided Council with the organization’s response to comments made during a presentation of the Province of Alberta’s decision respecting the Smith Creek wildlife corridor earlier this year. To see Y2Y’s written submission go to item B1 in the  pdf meeting agenda package (14.13 MB)

Bow Valley Future Scenarios Modelling
A second delegation from Y2Y, this time in partnership with the ALCES group, demonstrated an on-line computer model developed to help address human-wildlife conflict in the Bow Valley. They invited the Town to participate in an advisory group being formed by Y2Y to provide input into the modelling approach and indicators.

Canmore Undermining Regulations
The Province of Alberta adopted legislation in 1997 to address development of undermined lands in certain areas of Canmore. At the request of the Town, the Province has update this legislation to amend and clarify the engineering and approval process, insurance requirements, and associated guidelines. An updated Undermining Regulation came into effect on April 1, 2020. For more information click here

Council Clips - May 12, 2020

In anticipation of the Government of Alberta easing restrictions and entering stage 1 of the relaunch strategy as early as May 14, the Town of Canmore is discussing ways to keep the community safe.

With the May Long weekend approaching, it is likely that we will see an influx in visitation, even with the continued guidance to avoid non-essential travel. 

We want to manage pedestrian traffic on Main Street and maintain safe pedestrian traffic flows.

Creating a pedestrian-only environment on Canmore’s Main Street is an option, and we are considering the appropriate timing of making this temporary modification. We want to support downtown businesses in their re-opening, and have heard from them that taking this step too early could create perceived barriers and be detrimental to the businesses that are choosing to open. 

In addition, we would need 10-14 days to do coordinate everything required to set this up properly, including: painting lines on the road, adjusting signage at surrounding intersections to accommodate new traffic flows, changing the timing of adjacent traffic signal lights, creating signage, and setting up barricades. We could also use this opportunity to modify the traffic signal at Main Street and 6 Ave to pilot a pedestrian scramble crossing.

To be clear, it is not our intent to create a vibrant or welcoming space for people to congregate, rather it is about creating a functional space for people to safety navigate Main Street while physically distancing as they work, shop or eat.

We will keep council and the community informed as the Emergency Coordination Centre makes the decision on the pedestrian-only Main Street, in conjunction with the downtown businesses. It is possible the timing could coincide with the opening of campgrounds and once restaurants indicate that they are ready to open.

Council Clips – May 5, 2020

Community Re-Opening Plan and Tourism Community Conversation

Council discussed the Town’s plans to collaborate with the business community and community groups to move towards recovery is as coordinated and holistic way as possible. Once a re-opening plan is in place, administration plans to lead a community engagement initiative aimed at finding a common ground between the tourism industry and the community and working toward a shared vison for tourism. For more information, read item J2 starting on page 147 of

Pandemic Response Update

To keep up to date with the Town’s pandemic response visit

Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan

The updated Teepee Town ARP is more policy focused and user-friendly, supports the creation of increased housing opportunities, ensures the efficient use of land and sets parameters for future conceptual design for Teepee Town’s transportation network. Council gave first reading to the ARP and scheduled a public hearing for June 2.  For more information visit

Quarry Lake Park Upgrades

Council approved a design plan for several upgrades to the parking lot and area surrounding Quarry Lake Park. This project is funded by the Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation. For more information visit

Cultural Master Plan

The Cultural Master Plan is a roadmap for the planning and delivery of arts and culture in the community that articulates a bold, sustainable, and long-term vision: “In 2030, culture is at the Centre of Canmore’s economic, social, and environmental development in a way that inspires, empowers, and connects community members and visitors.” You can read the plan at

Public Submissions during COVID-19

While restrictions around public gatherings remain in place, Council and their boards and committees are conducting their meetings virtually. Today they passed motion to allow members of the public to participate in public hearings and Subdivision and Development Board hearings held electronically. For more information visit


Council Clips – April 21, 2020

This is a summary of three meetings held today: Finance Committee, Special Council, and Committee of the Whole.

Pandemic Financial Response

The Finance Committee directed administration to prepare amendments to the 2020 operating budgets based on the assumption that municipal operations will be affected by Covid-19 until at least the end of July. The amendments will be brought back to Council as soon as possible, and must achieve these outcomes:

  1. Maintain essential services and business continuity
  2. Provide departmental expenditure reductions to help mitigate losses in revenue
  3. Allow for scalability of operations post-pandemic
  4. Provide increased social and economic development supports for those individuals and businesses most impacted by the pandemic, and
  5. Provide options to reduce the municipal 2020 tax requirement to the same level as 2019.

Visit for a ongoing list of actions taken by the Town of Canmore in response to Covid-19.

2019 Financial Statements

Currently, the Town is in a very healthy financial position. The Finance Committee reviewed and accepted the Town’s 2019 audited financial statements and allocated the operating surplus of $1.7M to the Tax Stabilization Reserve. Most of this operating surplus is as a result of receiving higher than budgeted non-tax revenues such as fines and planning and development fees, in addition to savings in general operating expenses, payroll, contracted services, and professional fees.  You can see the statements, as well as statements from previous years, at bottom of this webpage

2020 Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Council agreed with the BIA Board’s request to keep their 2020 levy at 2019 rates.

Biosphere Institute Solar Project

The Biosphere Institute has completed a study assessing the feasibility of generating renewable energy in the Bow Valley and created a steering committee to guide the creation of a renewable energy cooperative. To learn more visit

2019 RCMP, Bylaw Services, and Fire-Rescue Statistics

These reports are presented to Council annually. If you are interested in the 2019 reports, they are published on and

Also check out the agenda package for regular features such as Council Updates and Service Area Reports.





Council Clips – April 7, 2020

Pandemic Response

As a result of the ongoing pandemic situation:

The paid parking program is delayed to 2021.

·    The Safe Park (overnight) program is being postponed and we will monitor emerging housing needs and the changing resources within the community to re-launch the Safe Park Program, or another similar program, to support our seasonal workforce this year.  Updates will be posted here:

The fire hall has increased full-time staffing to decrease the number of paid on-call staff needed to respond to emergencies.

For current information about the Town’s COVID-19 response visit

Road Closure Bylaws

Council gave first reading to two bylaws intended to close portions of lands zoned (but not used) as public roads. Public hearings for both are scheduled for June 2, 2020. For more information visit

·         12th Street and 3rd Avenue (Railway Court)

·         Portion of Plan 9312238 (Palliser Trail)

Council also approved:

·         $54,000 in funding for Tourism Canmore Kananaskis

·         A Tourism Bridging Document that outlines an implementation plan for tactics that require Town resources

·         The Supplementary Assessment Bylaw

·         A review of the Canmore Community Report format

·         A snow and ice control agreement with Volker Stevin

Council Clips – March 24, 2020

Tax and Utility Payments Deferred

Council voted unanimously to allow residents and business owners to defer tax and utility payments for April, May, and June for 90 days without penalty or interest. More information can be found at at

Family Resource Network in Funded

The Town is finalizing an agreement with the Province that will, together with municipal support, provide funding for a new Family Resource Network service. This service will, in part, replace the popular Parent Link program that is ending on March 31. 

Council Clips – March 3, 2020

·         Provincial Decision on Three Sisters Wildlife Corridor – a delegate from the Government of Alberta, Rick Blackwood, presented their decision for Council’s information and reviewed the process leading up to their decision. Next steps include a legal designation of the corridor, a land exchange to support the corridor, and monitoring of conditions. Visit for more information.

·         Transportation Improvement Program 2020 (TIP 20) – funding changes were approved to address reductions in provincial grant funding and increased costs related to the improvement of water and sewer lines underneath Bow Valley Trail. For more information about TIP20 visit

·         Economic Development Strategy – This strategy focusses on diversification of Canmore’s economy and support of the local business community. Visit to read the strategy.

·         Revised Land Use Bylaw – Council approved a bylaw that corrects typographical, grammatical, and numbering errors that remained after Land Use Bylaw 2018-22 received third reading in December. The updated bylaw will be posted on shortly.

·         Traffic and Road Use Bylaw – amendments were made to the bylaw to support paid parking, resident permit parking, and snow-clearing.

·         Camping Bylaw – to support the Safe Overnight Parking Pilot Program, this new bylaw prohibits camping everywhere in town except for in designated areas.

·         Wapiti Campground Lease – Council approved the 4-year extension of the provincial lease associated with the municipal campground on the north end of Bow Valley Trail, as well as entering into a new operating agreement with the current campground operator. Administration will further negotiate to allow monthly/seasonal designation of some campsites to support the Safe Overnight Parking Pilot Program.

·         Recreation Services Operating Policy – a new policy was approved that amalgamates the existing operating policy with the user fee and rental rate policy, incorporating feedback from private sector stakeholders, and sets out the operating model for the next four years.

·         Canmore – M.D. of Bighorn Intermunicipal Development Plan – Council approved the plan that outlines how certain lands along the common boundary will be used and developed. Visit for more information.

·         Deadman’s Flats Servicing Agreement – Council approved an agreement for the Town of Canmore’s provision of water and sewer services to Deadman’s Flats.


Council Clips – February 18, 2020

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Greenhouse Gas inventory is completed regularly to measure Canmore’s progress towards our Climate Action Plan targets.  The 2018 inventory, presented today, estimates a very slight decline in the Canmore’s corporate and community GHG emissions - not enough to achieve the targets we’ve committed to. For more information about the Climate Action Plan and related documents visit

Snow Event Debrief

Between December 20 and 22, 2019, 45-60 cm of snow fell in Canmore. A total of 18,000 cubic meters of snow was removed. Our supervisor of streets and roads provided details about the Town of Canmore’s response to this unusual event as well as a list of lessons learned, including creating a more robust snow emergency plan, training staff, and improving communications. To learn more about Canmore’s snow clearing services, including a map of live snow plow locations, visit

AltaLink Rebuilding Power Lines

Altalink provides electrical transmission services to 85% of Albertans, including Canmore.  Representatives from AltaLink attended the meeting today to give Council an update on their projects in the area, including rebuilding the power lines currently running through Canmore and removing trees along high-risk areas as part of their wildfire mitigation plan. For more information about AltaLink visit

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

  • Councillor Updates
  • Service Area Reports
  • Council Resolution Action List

If you are interested in reading the reports associated with the items presented the committee of the whole meeting, follow this link to the February 18 meeting agenda package.

Council Clips – February 4, 2020

Safe Parking Pilot Program

From May 4 until October 2 this year, the Town will be piloting a new program that will provide safe overnight parking to individuals who work in the Bow Valley and live in their vehicles. Participants are required to meet eligibility criteria, sign a user agreement, and pay $10.00 per night.  Safe Parking sites will be scattered throughout the Town and be available for public use during the day. For more information visit

Heliport Lease Renewal

The lease for Canmore’s heliport expires on November 30, 2021. The lease contains an automatic renewal clause under which Alpine Helicopters has submitted a request to renew for a further 10 years.  Council is interested in receiving stakeholder feedback on the conditions of the lease prior to renewal and so directed the Town’s Heliport Monitoring Committee to meet with stakeholder groups. For more information visit

Council Clips – January 21, 2020

2018 Community Monitoring Report

The Canmore Community Monitoring Report is a collection of data related to key community indicators that is produced every two years. The report is produced by the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley in consultation with the Town of Canmore and community leaders and is intended to assist with municipal and community decision-making, identify emerging opportunities and challenges, and present a snapshot of community progress towards our municipal vision. You can read the report at

Recreation Services Operating Policy

The Recreation Services Operating Policy sets out recreation services’ vision, mission, and operating principles, commits to stakeholder engagement, and provides a cost recovery framework. The current version under consideration combines the existing recreation services operating policy with the user fee and rental rate policy. For the next step, administration will seek input from affected business owners. A final version will be presented to Council at their March 3 regular meeting. 

Committee of the Whole regular features

  • Councillor Updates
  • Service Area Reports
  • Council Resolution Action List
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing Bulletins

 You can reading the reports in the agenda package pdf here (17.37 MB)


The Town of Canmore is located within Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta. In the spirit of respect, reciprocity and truth, we honour and acknowledge the Canmore area, known as “Chuwapchipchiyan Kudi Bi” (translated in Stoney Nakoda as “shooting at the willows”) and the traditional Treaty 7 territory and oral practices of the Îyârhe Nakoda (Stoney Nakoda) – comprised of the Bearspaw First Nation, Chiniki First Nation, and Wesley First Nation – as well as the Tsuut’ina First Nation and the Blackfoot Confederacy comprised of the Siksika, Piikani, Kainai. We acknowledge that this territory is home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3, within the historical Northwest Métis homeland. We acknowledge all Nations who live, work, and play and help us steward this land and honour and celebrate this territory. We commit to working to live in right relations and to advance Truth and Reconciliation.

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