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Council Clips

Council Clips – September 22, 2020

Amendment Approved for Conservation of Wildlands District

The Conservation of Wildlands District contains several existing developments, including Thunderstone Quarry, Banff Gate Mountain Resort, the east end of the Stewart Creek golf course, Canmore Ranch, and two private homes next to Harvie Heights.  Recent amendments to the land use regulations for this district unintentionally removed the development potential of these properties to the extent that the Town of Canmore would have been required by law to either to change the regulations to allow some level of development or else purchase the properties outright.  After holding a public hearing on the matter, Council incorporated what they heard today and voted to reinstate the level of development previously allowed in the Land Use Bylaw with additional requirements that future development not detract from the natural values of the area and include a progressive reclamation plan.

Visit to read the report.

Council Clips – September 15, 2020

Main Street Re-opens to Vehicles Sept. 24

Main Street will re-open to vehicular traffic on Thursday, Sept. 24. Formal, annually-permitted in-street patios are allowed to remain in place until Oct. 15.  When the street re-opens to vehicles, many of the traffic pattern changes made over the summer will remain in place – including a speed limit of 30 km/h in the Town Centre. Main Street is envisioned as a local business area, not a main thoroughfare through town. Visit for a map of traffic pattern changes. 

Bow Valley SPCA Annual Report

The president of our local SPCA, Lisa McDowell, gave Council an annual update on the organization’s adoption centre, community outreach, and volunteer engagement services, as well as described the effect COVID-19 has had on their operations. To learn more about the Bow Valley SPCA, visit or read their report under B1 here

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

You can also see a video of the presentations at

Council Clips – September 8, 2020

Councillor Comfort on a Leave of Absence

Anyone watching today’s council meeting may have noticed Councillor Comfort attended from a hospital bed. Today, Council approved her request for a six-month leave to help regain her health. We should be seeing Councillor Comfort back in time for the April 2021 committee of the whole meeting.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment for Teepee Town

Second reading of the Teepee Town Comprehensive Redevelopment District in Land Use Bylaw 2018-22 was postponed until Oct. 6. To learn more about the Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan visit

Business Recovery Task Force Appointments

The Business Recovery Task Force is being assembled to development recommendations to support residents returning to work, to support business operations in their recovery efforts and future growth, and to identify opportunities to propel our community beyond the recovery stage. Eight public members were appointed today to join Mayor Borrowman and Councillors Marra and McCallum on the task force. Their names will be posted at the following link once all applicants have been notified:

Tourism Task Force Appointments

The Tourism Task Force will lead a community engagement initiative with a broad cross-section of the community, with the aim of finding common ground between the tourism industry and the community to work towards creating a shared vision for tourism. Council had the enviable job of selecting 16 public members out of 48 applicants to join Mayor Borrowman, Councillor Seeley, and the CEO of Tourism Canmore-Kananaskis. As above, names will be posted once all applicants have been notified to:

Council Clips – September 1, 2020

Land Use Bylaw Amendment: Conservation of Wildlands District

Land Use Bylaw amendment 2020-17 proposes to reinstate two previous land uses in the Conservation of Wildlands land use district that were removed when the most recent Land Use Bylaw was approved.  The removal affects several landowners in the district by reducing their opportunity for future development, which in turn triggers legal obligations requiring the Town to acquire the lands affected by the changes. This consequence was unintended and this is why administration recommends the reinstatement of the land uses.  A public hearing on the matter will be held on Sept. 22 at 9 a.m. Visit for more information.

TeePee Town and Quarry Lake Infrastructure Proposal

The provincial government announced a Municipal Stimulus Program aimed at supporting economic recovery.  The Town Canmore is eligible to receive just over $1.6M for capital projects that meet the province’s eligibility requirements. Council approved two projects to submit for funding: a first phase of road rehabilitation and sidewalk reconstruction in Teepee Town where utility work isn’t planned; and functional improvements to Quarry Lake infrastructure including parking, washrooms, waste collection, and west shoreline. This work is contingent on approval of the project by the province for this program. Details can be found in item H2.

Application for FireSmart Grant Funding

The Town of Canmore will apply for $248K in grant funding from the Forest Resource Improvement Association to be used for three projects in the areas of vegetation management, public education, and inter-agency cooperation. Visit for more information about the FireSmart program.

AltaLink Transmission Line Replacement

John Grove, the municipal and community affairs manager for AltaLink, informed Council about plans to rebuild a power transmission line between the Spray Substation to the Kananaskis River, part of which runs through Canmore and, for safety, requires some tree removal on crown land or their right-of-way. Public consultation is underway and the project, if approved, will start in late summer 2021. Visit for more information.

Council Clips – August 18, 2020

Budget Development Direction

Council directed administration to develop preliminary 2021 budgets that do not exceed a 3% tax increase over the originally approved 2020 budget (8% over the reduced 2020 COVID budget) and preliminary operating budget plans for 2022 and 2023 that do not exceed a 5% tax increase in each year. Council will debate and approve a final budget in February 2021. For more information about budget and business planning visit

New Name for Local Peak

Council voted unanimously to support a local initiative to have the Province of Alberta assign an official name to a prominent landmark on Mt. Charles Stewart, which is referenced by an unofficial name that is both racist and misogynistic. See item H3 in

Rezoning at 1 MacDonald Place Rezoning

Following a public hearing, an application to rezone a single detached dwelling at 1 MacDonald Place from R1 to R2 was denied.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment for Teepee Town

The Teepee Town Comprehensive Redevelopment District in Land Use Bylaw 2018-22 needs to be revised to align with the updated goals and objectives in the recently approved Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan. Notable changes include a focus on the creation of increased housing opportunities, accessory dwelling units in multi-family developments, and specific requirements for landscaping. A public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 8 at 9 a.m. For more information visit

New Deadline for Written Submissions

The deadline for written submissions for public hearings is now 9 a.m. on the Friday before a hearing. Written submissions will also be accepted from people speaking at a hearing. For more information visit

COVID-19 Response Updates

Council heard three reports related to the Town’s COVID-19 response:

Time Away From Work Policy

Temporary changes were approved to the Town of Canmore’s Time Away From Work Policy related to COVID sick days specifically to cover periods of self-isolation and quarantine. The updated policy will be posted to by the end of the week.

Council Clips – August 4, 2020

Mandatory Mask Bylaw

At a Special Council Meeting on Aug. 4, Council passed a Mandatory Mask Bylaw that applies to all public indoor spaces. This means, that you will need to wear a mask that fully covers your nose, mouth, and chin when visiting stores, facilities, and public buildings. There are several exceptions to the rule, including children under two, people prevented from wearing a mask by medical conditions or handicaps, and people eating in restaurants or excising at a fitness facility. The bylaw comes into effect on Aug. 7. Click here for more info.

Council Clips – July 7, 2020

Facility Re-Opening Plans

We are gradually re-opening our facilities with modifications, and in some cases, access will be limited, and the user experience will be different than before the closures.

  • Canmore Recreation Centre is open for gymnastics, summer camp and group rental spaces
  • Civic Centre opens July 13
  • Elevation Place – Fitness, Climbing Gym (and library) opens July 20
  • Elevation Place - Aquatics Centre opens early August
  • Alex Kaleta Arena at the CRC opens August 4
  • Thelma Crowe Arena CRC opens October 1

For more details on the phased re-opening of the facilities and ways to access them, visit

2020 Service Level and Expense Reductions

Reductions to the 2020 Operating Budget to lower the overall municipal 2020 tax requirement to 2019 levels resulted in a wide range of service level reductions throughout the organization. We reduced staffing, cut expenses, canceled several capital projects, and reduced reserve transfers. For a full list of how the budget cuts impact the community, visit the Financial Actions section of

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – 1 MacDonald Place

Council gave first reading to a bylaw intended to rezone a single parcel located at 1 MacDonald Place in the Three Sisters Area from R1 to R2. A public hearing is scheduled for August 18 at 9 a.m. For more information visit

Canmore RCMP Financial Plan

Council accepted this 5-year plan that includes an increase of two police officers to focus on traffic enforcement, crime prevention, and community and school resources, and one municipal support person in the Canmore detachment.  To read the report, see item H1a in

Downtown Business Improvement Area Budget Amendment

$20K was transferred from the BIA reserves to fund aesthetic improvements to the downtown area intended to support businesses by creating an inviting and safe place for staff, residents, and visitors. To learn more about Main Street improvements visit

Town Telephone System Improvements

Existing budgets for telecommunications projects were amended to reduce future expenses and support a new solution for Town phone lines, meeting the needs of employees working remotely to answer telephone calls from the public.

Water and Wastewater Services Agreement

Council directed administration to negotiate a new contract with EPCOR Water Services Inc., who have provided water utility services to Canmore since May 2000. To read the 2019 EPCOR performance report visit

South Bow River Loop Water Main Construction

This large and complex project will result in the installation a water line between Three Sisters Parkway and Bow Valley Trail via the wastewater treatment plan. With bids coming in over budget, Council approved a reduction in scope that will allow a portion of the project to proceed that will still provide water to the wastewater treatment plan by the end of this year.

Calgary to Banff Passenger Rail Project

Administration provided a briefing about a recent announcement from the Canada Infrastructure Bank and Albert Transportation to fund further analysis of a Calgary-Banff passenger rail project.


Council Clips – June 16, 2020

Re-opening Plans

We are adjusting and advancing our plans for re-opening Elevation Place and Canmore Recreation Centre. While we have been preparing for many things, recreation centres were always part of the provinces's stage 3 opening plan (best estimate was late summer or early fall). We are still completing maintenance work and are reviewing and analyzing the new provincial guidelines for re-opening. We will re-open when we can meet provincial guidelines, ensure safety of staff and patrons, have resources ready, trained and available, and we can deliver service within budget. We hope to announce re-opening dates and plans next week.

In addition, we are working to understand the changing restrictions for re-opening the Mountain Market, including analyzing options for sites where we can control the entrance and exit to the market. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Delegations Presenting to Council

Three Sisters Mountain Village updated council on their progress and intent for submitting their area structure plans, supporting studies, and plans to engage with the public in the coming months. Information can be found at:

EPCOR, the Town’s water and wastewater services provider, presented their 2019 report. You can read the report here:

Bow Valley Victim Services presented their year-end information sheet and the Biosphere Institute presented their 2019-20 accomplishments and upcoming plans both for the institute and for the WildSmart community program. If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, you can read the written submissions in

Cougar Creek Debris Retention Structure Update

 The contract for the project has been awarded to Flatiron Constructors Canada Limited, and construction is expected to start in early July. The majority of trails in the area will remain open during construction, however access to Cougar Creek Canyon will be closed. For more information or to sign up for email updates, visit

A video recording of the meeting can be found at

Council Clips – June 9, 2020

Property Taxes

Each year the Town collects taxes from residential and commercial property owners as part of the municipal budget. In response to the COVID pandemic, we reduced staffing and service levels, cut expenses, canceled several capital projects, and reduced reserve transfers in the 2020 Operating Budget to lower the overall municipal 2020 tax requirement to 2019 levels. In addition, the tax payment deadline has been extended from June 30 to September 30 without any late payment penalties. For more information visit

New Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan Approved

This new ARP replaces the original plan approved in 2005 and includes allowing for more affordable housing opportunities and amending some of the development regulations around landscaping, roof style, neighbourhood character, and density. Council made some amendments to the plan presented at first reading to address concerns with reference to commercial development and front parking in mixed use areas. For more information visit

Council Clips – June 2, 2020

COVID-19 Community Response

Council approved $397,000 in funding for community support in eight areas: food, housing, social emotional, family, affordability, seniors and vulnerable residents, community organizations, and call centre. Funding for the previously-proposed safe overnight parking program has been redirected to these efforts. For more details, or to provide feedback on how to direct resources to the areas of greatest need, visit

COVID-19 Business Response

A Business Recovery Task Force will be established to lead Canmore’s economic recovery. In addition, Council approved $281,000 in funding to provide support to businesses most affected by the pandemic, including waiving patio fees this summer. For more details, visit

To keep up to date with the Town’s pandemic response, especially as we prepare for stage 2 of Alberta’s relaunch strategy,  visit

Public Hearings

Three hearings were held for the public to provide Council with feedback on the proposed bylaws. Both verbal and written public submissions will be posted on The first public hearing was for a road closure as the Town of Canmore prepares lands for the development of a new fire hall on Palliser Trail. The second road closure is in consideration of the landowners of 3 & 5 Railway Court (Lots 15-17, Block 66, Plan 1095F) applying for the closure of a 758 m2 portion of 12th Street and 3rd Avenue (also known municipally as Railway Court). Both bylaws will be circulated to the Minister of Transportation for approval before Council can further consider the bylaws.

A public hearing was also held for the proposed Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) which has been revised in response to requests received by the Teepee Town Task Force. The updated ARP supports the creation of increased housing opportunities, ensures the efficient use of land, and sets parameters for future conceptual design for Teepee Town’s transportation network. Council will consider second and third reading of the bylaw on June 9. For more information visit Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan.

Other News

·         Council authorized additional scope for the TIP20 project to include work to prepare for the future firehall on Palliser Trail. Work will be done within the current budget but will reduce costs and eliminate the disruption this planned work will cause in the future.

·         Council approved a new 5-year contract for the lease and service of 9 printers for use across Town of Canmore facilities

·         Updates to the Engineering Design and Construction Guidelines will be approved by administration instead of Council.

·         Canmore Fire-Rescue is continuing the peak staffing protocol (within existing budget) until September 6 to reduce the number of times paid responders need to try to get to the fire hall during the busy summer months.

Council Clips – May 27, 2020

COVID-19 Financial Response

Today, at a special meeting, Council made the following amendments to the 2020 budget:

Lost revenue related to recreation facility closures has been offset through staff layoffs, a hiring freeze, and a careful examination of operation expenses and reductions in some service levels.

New costs associated with the pandemic response will be funded through a transfer of $470,000 from the tax stabilization reserve, and 

Reductions in the approved capital program and corresponding reserve transfers will reduce the municipal property tax amount to 2019 levels.

Detailed information, including service level and capital project reductions, can be found at Actions Taken by the Town of Canmore in Response to Covid-19 

Council Clips - May 19, 2020

Y2Y and the Smith Creek Wildlife Corridor
A delegation from Y2Y (the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative) provided Council with the organization’s response to comments made during a presentation of the Province of Alberta’s decision respecting the Smith Creek wildlife corridor earlier this year. To see Y2Y’s written submission go to item B1 in the  pdf meeting agenda package (14.13 MB)

Bow Valley Future Scenarios Modelling
A second delegation from Y2Y, this time in partnership with the ALCES group, demonstrated an on-line computer model developed to help address human-wildlife conflict in the Bow Valley. They invited the Town to participate in an advisory group being formed by Y2Y to provide input into the modelling approach and indicators.

Canmore Undermining Regulations
The Province of Alberta adopted legislation in 1997 to address development of undermined lands in certain areas of Canmore. At the request of the Town, the Province has update this legislation to amend and clarify the engineering and approval process, insurance requirements, and associated guidelines. An updated Undermining Regulation came into effect on April 1, 2020. For more information click here

Council Clips - May 12, 2020

In anticipation of the Government of Alberta easing restrictions and entering stage 1 of the relaunch strategy as early as May 14, the Town of Canmore is discussing ways to keep the community safe.

With the May Long weekend approaching, it is likely that we will see an influx in visitation, even with the continued guidance to avoid non-essential travel. 

We want to manage pedestrian traffic on Main Street and maintain safe pedestrian traffic flows.

Creating a pedestrian-only environment on Canmore’s Main Street is an option, and we are considering the appropriate timing of making this temporary modification. We want to support downtown businesses in their re-opening, and have heard from them that taking this step too early could create perceived barriers and be detrimental to the businesses that are choosing to open. 

In addition, we would need 10-14 days to do coordinate everything required to set this up properly, including: painting lines on the road, adjusting signage at surrounding intersections to accommodate new traffic flows, changing the timing of adjacent traffic signal lights, creating signage, and setting up barricades. We could also use this opportunity to modify the traffic signal at Main Street and 6 Ave to pilot a pedestrian scramble crossing.

To be clear, it is not our intent to create a vibrant or welcoming space for people to congregate, rather it is about creating a functional space for people to safety navigate Main Street while physically distancing as they work, shop or eat.

We will keep council and the community informed as the Emergency Coordination Centre makes the decision on the pedestrian-only Main Street, in conjunction with the downtown businesses. It is possible the timing could coincide with the opening of campgrounds and once restaurants indicate that they are ready to open.

Council Clips – May 5, 2020

Community Re-Opening Plan and Tourism Community Conversation

Council discussed the Town’s plans to collaborate with the business community and community groups to move towards recovery is as coordinated and holistic way as possible. Once a re-opening plan is in place, administration plans to lead a community engagement initiative aimed at finding a common ground between the tourism industry and the community and working toward a shared vison for tourism. For more information, read item J2 starting on page 147 of

Pandemic Response Update

To keep up to date with the Town’s pandemic response visit

Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan

The updated Teepee Town ARP is more policy focused and user-friendly, supports the creation of increased housing opportunities, ensures the efficient use of land and sets parameters for future conceptual design for Teepee Town’s transportation network. Council gave first reading to the ARP and scheduled a public hearing for June 2.  For more information visit

Quarry Lake Park Upgrades

Council approved a design plan for several upgrades to the parking lot and area surrounding Quarry Lake Park. This project is funded by the Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation. For more information visit

Cultural Master Plan

The Cultural Master Plan is a roadmap for the planning and delivery of arts and culture in the community that articulates a bold, sustainable, and long-term vision: “In 2030, culture is at the Centre of Canmore’s economic, social, and environmental development in a way that inspires, empowers, and connects community members and visitors.” You can read the plan at

Public Submissions during COVID-19

While restrictions around public gatherings remain in place, Council and their boards and committees are conducting their meetings virtually. Today they passed motion to allow members of the public to participate in public hearings and Subdivision and Development Board hearings held electronically. For more information visit


Council Clips – April 21, 2020

This is a summary of three meetings held today: Finance Committee, Special Council, and Committee of the Whole.

Pandemic Financial Response

The Finance Committee directed administration to prepare amendments to the 2020 operating budgets based on the assumption that municipal operations will be affected by Covid-19 until at least the end of July. The amendments will be brought back to Council as soon as possible, and must achieve these outcomes:

  1. Maintain essential services and business continuity
  2. Provide departmental expenditure reductions to help mitigate losses in revenue
  3. Allow for scalability of operations post-pandemic
  4. Provide increased social and economic development supports for those individuals and businesses most impacted by the pandemic, and
  5. Provide options to reduce the municipal 2020 tax requirement to the same level as 2019.

Visit for a ongoing list of actions taken by the Town of Canmore in response to Covid-19.

2019 Financial Statements

Currently, the Town is in a very healthy financial position. The Finance Committee reviewed and accepted the Town’s 2019 audited financial statements and allocated the operating surplus of $1.7M to the Tax Stabilization Reserve. Most of this operating surplus is as a result of receiving higher than budgeted non-tax revenues such as fines and planning and development fees, in addition to savings in general operating expenses, payroll, contracted services, and professional fees.  You can see the statements, as well as statements from previous years, at bottom of this webpage

2020 Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Council agreed with the BIA Board’s request to keep their 2020 levy at 2019 rates.

Biosphere Institute Solar Project

The Biosphere Institute has completed a study assessing the feasibility of generating renewable energy in the Bow Valley and created a steering committee to guide the creation of a renewable energy cooperative. To learn more visit

2019 RCMP, Bylaw Services, and Fire-Rescue Statistics

These reports are presented to Council annually. If you are interested in the 2019 reports, they are published on and

Also check out the agenda package for regular features such as Council Updates and Service Area Reports.





Council Clips – April 7, 2020

Pandemic Response

As a result of the ongoing pandemic situation:

The paid parking program is delayed to 2021.

·    The Safe Park (overnight) program is being postponed and we will monitor emerging housing needs and the changing resources within the community to re-launch the Safe Park Program, or another similar program, to support our seasonal workforce this year.  Updates will be posted here:

The fire hall has increased full-time staffing to decrease the number of paid on-call staff needed to respond to emergencies.

For current information about the Town’s COVID-19 response visit

Road Closure Bylaws

Council gave first reading to two bylaws intended to close portions of lands zoned (but not used) as public roads. Public hearings for both are scheduled for June 2, 2020. For more information visit

·         12th Street and 3rd Avenue (Railway Court)

·         Portion of Plan 9312238 (Palliser Trail)

Council also approved:

·         $54,000 in funding for Tourism Canmore Kananaskis

·         A Tourism Bridging Document that outlines an implementation plan for tactics that require Town resources

·         The Supplementary Assessment Bylaw

·         A review of the Canmore Community Report format

·         A snow and ice control agreement with Volker Stevin

Council Clips – March 24, 2020

Tax and Utility Payments Deferred

Council voted unanimously to allow residents and business owners to defer tax and utility payments for April, May, and June for 90 days without penalty or interest. More information can be found at at

Family Resource Network in Funded

The Town is finalizing an agreement with the Province that will, together with municipal support, provide funding for a new Family Resource Network service. This service will, in part, replace the popular Parent Link program that is ending on March 31. 

Council Clips – March 3, 2020

·         Provincial Decision on Three Sisters Wildlife Corridor – a delegate from the Government of Alberta, Rick Blackwood, presented their decision for Council’s information and reviewed the process leading up to their decision. Next steps include a legal designation of the corridor, a land exchange to support the corridor, and monitoring of conditions. Visit for more information.

·         Transportation Improvement Program 2020 (TIP 20) – funding changes were approved to address reductions in provincial grant funding and increased costs related to the improvement of water and sewer lines underneath Bow Valley Trail. For more information about TIP20 visit

·         Economic Development Strategy – This strategy focusses on diversification of Canmore’s economy and support of the local business community. Visit to read the strategy.

·         Revised Land Use Bylaw – Council approved a bylaw that corrects typographical, grammatical, and numbering errors that remained after Land Use Bylaw 2018-22 received third reading in December. The updated bylaw will be posted on shortly.

·         Traffic and Road Use Bylaw – amendments were made to the bylaw to support paid parking, resident permit parking, and snow-clearing.

·         Camping Bylaw – to support the Safe Overnight Parking Pilot Program, this new bylaw prohibits camping everywhere in town except for in designated areas.

·         Wapiti Campground Lease – Council approved the 4-year extension of the provincial lease associated with the municipal campground on the north end of Bow Valley Trail, as well as entering into a new operating agreement with the current campground operator. Administration will further negotiate to allow monthly/seasonal designation of some campsites to support the Safe Overnight Parking Pilot Program.

·         Recreation Services Operating Policy – a new policy was approved that amalgamates the existing operating policy with the user fee and rental rate policy, incorporating feedback from private sector stakeholders, and sets out the operating model for the next four years.

·         Canmore – M.D. of Bighorn Intermunicipal Development Plan – Council approved the plan that outlines how certain lands along the common boundary will be used and developed. Visit for more information.

·         Deadman’s Flats Servicing Agreement – Council approved an agreement for the Town of Canmore’s provision of water and sewer services to Deadman’s Flats.


Council Clips – February 18, 2020

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Greenhouse Gas inventory is completed regularly to measure Canmore’s progress towards our Climate Action Plan targets.  The 2018 inventory, presented today, estimates a very slight decline in the Canmore’s corporate and community GHG emissions - not enough to achieve the targets we’ve committed to. For more information about the Climate Action Plan and related documents visit

Snow Event Debrief

Between December 20 and 22, 2019, 45-60 cm of snow fell in Canmore. A total of 18,000 cubic meters of snow was removed. Our supervisor of streets and roads provided details about the Town of Canmore’s response to this unusual event as well as a list of lessons learned, including creating a more robust snow emergency plan, training staff, and improving communications. To learn more about Canmore’s snow clearing services, including a map of live snow plow locations, visit

AltaLink Rebuilding Power Lines

Altalink provides electrical transmission services to 85% of Albertans, including Canmore.  Representatives from AltaLink attended the meeting today to give Council an update on their projects in the area, including rebuilding the power lines currently running through Canmore and removing trees along high-risk areas as part of their wildfire mitigation plan. For more information about AltaLink visit

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

  • Councillor Updates
  • Service Area Reports
  • Council Resolution Action List

If you are interested in reading the reports associated with the items presented the committee of the whole meeting, follow this link to the February 18 meeting agenda package.

Council Clips – February 4, 2020

Safe Parking Pilot Program

From May 4 until October 2 this year, the Town will be piloting a new program that will provide safe overnight parking to individuals who work in the Bow Valley and live in their vehicles. Participants are required to meet eligibility criteria, sign a user agreement, and pay $10.00 per night.  Safe Parking sites will be scattered throughout the Town and be available for public use during the day. For more information visit

Heliport Lease Renewal

The lease for Canmore’s heliport expires on November 30, 2021. The lease contains an automatic renewal clause under which Alpine Helicopters has submitted a request to renew for a further 10 years.  Council is interested in receiving stakeholder feedback on the conditions of the lease prior to renewal and so directed the Town’s Heliport Monitoring Committee to meet with stakeholder groups. For more information visit

Council Clips – January 21, 2020

2018 Community Monitoring Report

The Canmore Community Monitoring Report is a collection of data related to key community indicators that is produced every two years. The report is produced by the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley in consultation with the Town of Canmore and community leaders and is intended to assist with municipal and community decision-making, identify emerging opportunities and challenges, and present a snapshot of community progress towards our municipal vision. You can read the report at

Recreation Services Operating Policy

The Recreation Services Operating Policy sets out recreation services’ vision, mission, and operating principles, commits to stakeholder engagement, and provides a cost recovery framework. The current version under consideration combines the existing recreation services operating policy with the user fee and rental rate policy. For the next step, administration will seek input from affected business owners. A final version will be presented to Council at their March 3 regular meeting. 

Committee of the Whole regular features

  • Councillor Updates
  • Service Area Reports
  • Council Resolution Action List
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing Bulletins

 You can reading the reports in the agenda package pdf here (17.37 MB)


Council Clips – January 14, 2020

Family Resource Network Funding Application

The Bow Valley Parent Link program will stop operating on March 31, 2020 as a result of changes in provincial funding. While funding for parent link-type programs is ending, the Province of Alberta is offering new funding to provide services to children through a Family Resource Network. Council directed staff to apply for this funding to provide parent education services, social connection services, family support services, and “hub” services, which includes coordination and evaluation of all services provided in the Bow Valley. Applications are due Jan. 20, 2020 and we’re expecting decisions from the province in April or May. Visit to stay up-to-date.

Land Transactions

·         A landowner of 3 and 5 Railway Court, at the corner of 12 Street and 3 Avenue and adjacent to Policeman’s Creek, has submitted an offer to purchase and close a portion of the municipal roadway abutting the property. Council directed administration to accept the offer of $587,000, with an amendment to protect six metres from the bank of Policman’s Creek to address the sensitivity of the riparian zone. Details can be found in the agenda package under item F2 

·         Council wishes to purchase the privately-held portion of the cemetery access road along Palliser Trail. This access road will, in the future, be used to access the new firehall.  Council directed staff to enter into an offer to purchase in the amount of $18,000.

Proposed Borrowing Increase

Council approved a project to upgrade the wastewater mains along Bow Valley Trail in 2018 as part of the 2019-2020 capital budget. Original costs were estimated at $1.4M and council approved a borrowing bylaw in the amount of $1.3M. Since then, construction methods have had to change to deal with groundwater issues. Council gave first reading to a bylaw that would authorize borrowing of an additional $1.2M if it passes in March 2020. For more information visit

Council also approved:

·         An amendment to the Municipal Development Plan to address steep creek hazards. Visit for more information.

·         Creation of a new Youth Wellness Team, funded by a provincial grant, to address children’s access to cannabis.



Council Clips – December 17, 2019

Council Clips – December 17, 2019

Bow Valley Parent Link Update

The Town of Canmore has been notified by the Province of Alberta that Parent Link funding will not continue past March 31, 2020. A new funding opportunity is available for program called a Family Resource Network. While Parent Link served families with children 0 – 6 years old, the new program will over families with children 0 – 18 years old. The Town is eligible to apply for the new funding by submitting an Expression of Interest. The report submitted to Council today outlined the options available through the EOI process. A formal decision about the submission will be made at the January 14 council meeting.  For more information visit 

2019 Report to the Community

In 2018 Council approved a four-year strategic plan to guide development of the annual budget and business plan from 2019 through 2022. Today, Town administration reported on progress made in the first year of the plan. To read Council’s the report visit

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

  • Councillor Updates
  • Service Area Reports
  • Council Resolution Action List

To read any of the reports in this meeting agenda or to watch a video of the meeting visit



Council Clips – December 10, 2019

New Land Use Bylaw Approved

The Town of Canmore officially has a new Land Use Bylaw.  Bylaw 2018-22 completely replaces the previous version, Bylaw 22-2010. The purpose of a land use bylaw is to build a community based on the vision of the Town’s Municipal Development Plan and to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the town to achieve efficient, orderly, and economic development. For details about the new bylaw visit

Town Purchases more Land for Affordable Housing

The New Life Christian Centre is dissolving its charitable organization and divesting itself of its assets. Among those assets is a section of property located on Palliser Trail adjacent to a Canmore Community Housing owned property. This is an ideal location for development of affordable housing, and so Council voted unanimously to purchase the property for a fair market value of $1.8M. The majority of the funding will come from the sale of Mountain Haven Cooperative Housing units, and the balance from the Town’s Perpetually Affordable Housing reserve.

Council also approved:

·         Borrowing Bylaw Amendment Organics Diversion Program – increases the amount the Town is authorized to borrow for completion of renovations to the Waste Management Centre.

·         To see the agenda package and a video of this meeting visit

Council Clips – December 3, 2019

Paid Parking Program Approved

Beginning in June 2020, parking in the Town Centre between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. will cost between $1 and $1.50 per hour and be subject to time restrictions. Parking for 30 minutes or less will be free, there are 250 free parking stalls within a 6-minute walk of downtown, and between October – April, fees will be reduced in prime areas, and some 4-hour street parking will be free. The revenue from the paid parking program will allow the Town to continue to offer free local public transit in 2020. For more information visit

New Fire Hall Design to Begin

Council directed administration to go ahead with the design of a new 8-bay fire hall on Palliser Trail. This fire hall will replace the existing hall on Railway Avenue, which is no longer large enough or situated to optimally serve our community.  For more information about the project visit

2020 Budget Amendments

Last year, Council approved a 2-year budget to cover the Town’s operational and capital requirements for 2019 and 2020. Today, they approved several amendments to the 2020 budget which result in a $69K increase to operating (or a 0.2% tax increase to the previously-approved 4.6%), a $1.7M capital increase, and includes a $70K increase in transit commission funding. The Town of Canmore business plan and budget will be available for review at

Other Council approvals:

·         Tax Penalty Bylaw Amendment – reduces the penalty amounts charges on unpaid taxes. More information can be found here

·         New Tax Installment Payment (TIPP) Bylaw – improves readability, updates outdated terminology; no changes to TIPP program. More information on the program can be found here

·         Appointments to the Downtown Business Improvement Area board – ratifies membership approved by the BIA board

·         Canmore Eagles agreement – reduces facility rental rates and provides for construction of a new bar facility

To read the agenda reports or see a video of the council meeting visit



Council Clips – November 19, 2019 

Paid Parking and Fare Free Transit

Council heard an update on plans to implement paid parking in June 2020 to help manage traffic congestion in the Town Centre. The approach to pricing will be to charge the least amount that will achieve parking utilization targets during peak times. During off-peak times prices can be reduced or eliminated. The program also envisions all-day parking rates in designated areas, several 15-minute free zones, and free all-day parking on certain streets north of Town Centre, as well as a residential parking permit program to prevent spillover in adjacent neighbourhoods. Net revenues are intended to be reinvested into strategies like fare-free transit and Town Centre enhancement. No decision to implement paid parking was made at this meeting, but a decision is scheduled for the December 3 regular meeting of council. For more details on the proposed plan, visit

Bow Valley Climate Action

Local group Bow Valley Climate Action provided their suggestions to council for implementing two of the goals in the Town’s Climate Action Plan: increase energy efficiency of buildings in the Bow Valley and encourage great use of active transportation and public transportation to reduce GHGs. To read more about the Climate Action Plan visit

Fire Rescue Staffing Review

In 2019, Council approved the addition of two firefighters for the day shifts during the summer months to improve service. The program was a success and will be expanded in 2020 from 11 weeks to 15-16 weeks, depending on budget.

Engineering Design and Construction Guidelines

The Engineering Department is undertaking a full-scale review of the Town’s Engineering Design and Construction Guidelines, a 330-page opus developed to assist developers, engineering consultants, landscape architects, and contractors in the design and construction of Town infrastructure and amenities. The guidelines are scheduled for Council approval at their January 14 meeting.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Council received a comprehensive summary of the ways Town of Canmore activities align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are a broad framework highlighting the complex and interconnected relationships between environmental, economic, and social factors of well-being.

Wildlife Attractants

After the new bylaw was approved this fall, Bylaw Services responded to 24 complaints of wildlife being attracted by fruit or berries on trees. Only two tickets were issued, as their focus was on education and awareness, and most residents complied immediately by either removing the fruit, or removing the trees altogether. Visit for more information.

Committee of the Whole regular features

·         Councillor Updates

·         Service Area Reports

·         Council Resolution Action List

·         Bow Valley Regional Housing Bulletins


If you are interested in reading the reports associated with the items presented the committee of the whole meeting, follow this link to the November 19 meeting agenda package.


Council Clips – November 5, 2019

Canmore Bighorn Intermunicipal Development Plan

New legislation requires municipalities with common borders to adopt intermunicipal development plans. The Town has prepared a plan with our bordering municipality, the M.D. of Bighorn, which addresses land use planning on lands bordering both municipalities including things like future land use, utility services, environmental matters, and transportation corridors. A public hearing will be held on December 3, 2019 to hear from any member of the public who wishes to comment. For more information visit

Proposed Rogers Wireless Cell Tower Installation

Council agreed to submit a letter of concurrence to Rogers Communication indicating that Council has no objection to Rogers installing a new cell tower across from Elevation Place near Pumphouse 1. The tower will have a simulated pine tree design similar to the cell tower that already exists in that location.

Organics Program Budget Increase

Council approved a project last year to expand the Waste Management Centre to support the new Organics Diversion Program.  During the design stage of the project it was discovered that the increase in square footage requires the installation of a sprinkler system and water supply line to meet building code requirements. Council agreed to an increased budget of $450,000 to be funding by borrowing. The borrowing bylaw received first reading and is now being advertised prior to further readings. For more information visit

Solar Panels Approved for Elevation Place

The Town has successfully applied for an Alberta Municipal Solar program rebate that will fund approximately 30% of the costs associated with installing solar panels on the Elevation Place roof. In order to take advantage of this grant, which is not likely to continue, Council voted to fund the $594,000 project.  $430,000 will come from the general capital reserve and $164,000 from the grant. An additional $56,000 was approved, in the event that a subsequent grant application is approved to add solar panels to the remainder of the roof not covered by the initial grant. This project aligns with goals set out in council Climate Action plan, which you can learn more about at

Impact of Provincial Budget on the Town of Canmore

Alberta Budget 2019 has resulted in a number of operational and capital impacts on the Town of Canmore’s budget. Reductions were announced to revenue from policing and bylaw fines, transit, and grants. As well, funding for Parent Link will be discontinued in March of 2020, although a new program is being announced later this week that may replace some programming. The Town has now received the 2019 Education Requisition amount from the Province of Alberta, which will result in an additional $188,000 to be collected through the 2020 Property Taxes. To hear a full discussion of the budget impacts, watch the webcast of the meeting at the link below. More details will be shared as we determine the extent of the impact to our budgets.

To see the agenda package and video of this meeting visit

Council Clips – October 22, 2019

Every October Council holds an organizational meeting to:

·         Set their regular meeting schedule,

·         Appoint deputy mayors, and

·         Appoint council members and members of the public to boards and committees

Council Meeting Schedule

Council will hold a regular business meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m. (except for in January when it will be held January 14) and the committee of the whole meeting is scheduled for the third Tuesday at 1 p.m. No meetings will be scheduled between July 8 and August 17. Details can be found here:

Deputy Mayor Schedule

The deputy mayor acts as mayor when the mayor is unable to perform his duties, or if the office of the mayor becomes vacant. Council continued their tradition of approving an annual roster where each councillor is appointed as deputy mayor for a two-month period. You can see the schedule here:

Committee and Board Appointments

Council appointed public members to seven committees, and appointed council reps to a total of 29 internal and external committees. We will be notifying public member applicants before we update our website, but by the end of this week you will be able to see which public members were appointed by visiting


Council Clips – October 1, 2019

Land Use Bylaw passes second reading

The Land Use Bylaw sets out regulations for building and development projects in Canmore. The bylaw is currently under review and significant changes are being proposed.  Today Council gave second reading to the proposed new bylaw and scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday, November 12 starting a 5 p.m. To learn more about the recommended changes and how you can comment, visit

Council declares State of Climate Emergency

Canmore has a long-standing commitment to taking meaningful action related to environmental stewardship and climate change action. The declaration of a State of Climate Emergency is intended to reaffirm that commitment and add Canmore’s voice to a growing number of communities, territories, and nations making similar declarations. To learn more about the Town’s Climate Action Plan visit

Accommodating overnight parking

After reviewing a research report that analyzes the increasing trend of people residing in their vehicles, Council directed staff to develop a municipal program offering seasonal, safe, overnight parking in Canmore. Details of the program will be brought back for Council approval in early December.  To read more about how the Town is addressing overnight parking, visit

In other news …

·         Council received an evaluations of options available to provide intercept parking in Canmore. Staff recommended a next step of assessing private and public lands, and will be bringing a request to Council before the end of the year for a budget to complete assessment in 2020.

·         The Policing Committee was disbanded.  Town administration will resume the management of the Municipal Police Services Agreement, and working groups and task forces will be struck when necessary to address specific policing issues as they arise.    

·         The Protective Services department received permission to apply for a provincial grant to fund a shared Emergency Management Coordinator position with the Town of Banff.

To read any of the reports included the meeting agenda package or to watch a video of the meeting, visit

Council Clips – September 17, 2019

Overnight Parking on Municipal Lots

The Town’s outreach worker presented the results of his research into the demographics of people living in their vehicles on public property along with the effects of enforcement activities carried out over the summer. At their October 1 meeting, Council will be asked to give staff direction for working on long-term actions. For more information visit

Teepee Town Redevelopment

Administration presented a summary of changes they will be recommending to planning regulations affecting the Teepee Town neighbourhood. These changes are intended to allow for more affordable housing opportunities and support efficient development of land, among other things. An updated Area Redevelopment Plan and Land Use Bylaw recommendations are scheduled for Council’s December 3 meeting, after which a public hearing will be scheduled. An open house will be held on Oct. 3, and more information is available at

Committee of the Whole regular items

Have a look at the meeting agenda package to read:

·         Protective Services mid-year statistics

·         Councillor Updates

·         Service Area Reports

·         Council Resolution Acton List

·         Bow Valley Regional Housing Bulletin



Council Clips – September 3, 2019

Organics Recycling Arrives in Canmore

Today the Town’s residential food waste program was officially launched.  Starting on September 3, Canmore residents will be able to dispose of food scraps and food soiled paper in 5 different locations throughout the community. For more information visit In related news, Council approved the purchase of 2000 additional home food waste bins. The original purchase of 2000 bins has almost been depleted by residents eager to reduce the amount of waste they send to the landfill.

2020 Climate Action Plan Priorities

In December 2018, Council approved the Town of Canmore Climate Action Plan, which commits the community to reducing GHG emissions by 30% by 2030 and commits the Town corporation to a 50% reduction in the same period.  Twenty-one of the over 60 recommended actions will be initiated next year.  For more information visit

Lions Park Tennis Court Expansion

The Canmore Tennis Association has been working with the Town to cost share on a project to expand the Lions Park tennis courts. The association applied for a provincial grant earlier this year to help with funding, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. They are now applying for a smaller grant and have proposed reducing the project from 5 courts to 4 courts. Council approved the revised scope for the project, which will go ahead only if the grant funding is received.

Snow and Ice Control Agreement Extended

Council approved extending the Town’s contract with Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd. For snow and ice control services until July 31, 2020.  Administration will be issuing a request for proposals for this service in the new year.  

Council Clips – August 20, 2019

Three Sisters Mountain Village Update

Representatives of Three Sisters updated council on the progress they’ve made on their new area structure plan and supporting studies including environmental impact, transportation impact, and steep creeks hazard. They expect to conduct more public engagement this fall, prior to submitting a new area structure plan before the end of the year. For more information visit

Management of Wildlife Attractants

Council approved a Wildlife Attractant Management Plan aimed at reducing the number of human-wildlife interactions in the community and broadly addressing Canmore’s efforts to live near wildlife. Four tactics as identified and described: enforcement, education, attractant management, and policy alignment.  You can read the plan  pdf here (574 KB) . Council also made an amendment to the Town’s existing Wildlife Attractant Bylaw that will compel property owners to remove fruit or fruit before dangerous wildlife is attracted. This includes, but isn’t limited to, fruit from a crabapple or mountain ash tree, or shepherdia (buffaloberry) bush. To read more about removing wildlife attractants visit

FireSmart Work Continues

Council approved a project, funded entirely through a provincial grant, to carry out FireSmart work in the Bow Valley Wildland Park, which is entirely within our municipal boundaries and adjacent to the Banff National Park east boundary. To learn more about the Town’s FireSmart program visit

Council also approved:

·         The Town of Canmore and Improvement District No. 9 Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Bylaw as required by new provincial legislation.

·         A Collective Agreement between the Town and the Canadian Union of Public Employees sub-local 37. The union represents the Town’s streets and roads employees.

Council Clips – July 16, 2019

Today Council met as the Committee of the Whole to hear the following updates and briefings from staff.

Planning and Development Process Improvement

Planning and development is working on a policy to standardize the process for creating Area Structure Plans, Area Redevelopment Plans, and Conceptual Schematics, all of which apply to the development of neighourhoods and groups of neighbourhoods. Stakeholder engagement will begin before the fall of 2019. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about what the planning and development does, visit

Housing Needs Assessment

Bow Valley Regional Housing has completed an assessment of housing needs throughout the Bow Valley, from Lake Louise to Kananaskis. The assessment includes the full spectrum of non-market housing needs including affordability, seniors, employee and special needs housing. Results indicate there is a need for affordable rental housing for 360 households and affordable home ownership for 148 households. The Bow Valley (including Banff) will have to supply 22 units per year on average just to keep pace with the growth of households in need. A key observation from the consultant is that continued growth of non-permanent housing, and limited land availability, require different planning to ensure new housing is meeting demands for a diversity of housing types. To read the report visit

Bow Valley Parent Link

Bow Valley Parent Link provides early childhood resources and support to parents and caregivers of children aged 0 to 5 years in Bow Valley communities from Lake Louise to the MD of Bighorn, including Banff and Canmore. The department is launching a new schedule in September to address the growing popularity of their programs. For more information visit

Camping on Municipal Lots

Staff from bylaw services and the outreach worker updated Council on the Town’s efforts to discourage overnight camping in municipal parking lots. Bylaw Services are monitoring other nearby lot as well as areas in town where complaints have been received about overnight parking. Most offenders are visitors passing through town and they are being educated and directed to move along. Other offenders are being issued tickets, and there have been 46 parking tickets issued in the panhandle lot. For more information about this initiative, visit

Fire Rescue Service Improvements

The Fire Rescue Master Plan, completed in 2017, contains 49 recommendations for improving services. The progress update submitted today shows that all recommendations are now either complete, in progress, or in research. To read the plan and the 2019 progress update, visit

Calgary-Bow Valley Mass Transit Feasibility

The Mass Transit Feasibility Study was commissioned to look at the possibility of introducing a bus or rail-based mass transit service between Calgary and the Bow Valley. To read the report visit

Canmore Eagles Business Clarification

Canmore Eagles and Pinnacle Hockey clarified their financial relationship to address administrative challenges with facility bookings and perception challenges in the community.

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

 You can also see a video of the presentations at


Council Clips – July 2, 2019

Railway Avenue Design

Council accepted a comprehensive Concept Design Brief for underground utility work and above-ground design changes on Railway Avenue South and directed staff to go ahead with detailed design and construction. This project is the first phase of a larger project that will see improvements made to the entire length of Railway Avenue.  For more information visit

New Snow and Ice Control Policy Approved

Things have changed in the 17 years since Council approved the Town’s snow removal policy, so today they approved a modern snow and ice control policy to address changes in transportation infrastructure, Town resources, and environmental sustainability.

Council also approved:

·         Adding the manager of IT to the list of designated officers,

·         Charging Three Sisters Mountain Village a fee of $4,300 to process a subdivision application to consolidate their parcels in the resort centre area into a single parcel,

·         Addition of temporary admin support in the economic development department and an in-house project coordinator for the Transportation Improvement Program 2020 (TIP20), and

·         A shift to how recreation fees are determined.

To read reports in the meeting agenda package or watch a video of the meeting visit

Council Clips – June 18, 2019

Today was Council’s committee of the whole meeting, which is the forum they use to hear briefing reports on administration’s various activities.

Peaks to Prairies Southern Alberta Electric Vehicle Network

Canmore has been selected to host an electric vehicle (EV) charging station as part of the Peaks to Prairies Southern Alberta Electric Vehicle Network. The public charging station will be located in the parking lot adjacent to Miner's Hall and be available to the public. Implementation of this project supports the Town's Climate Action Plan, where we committed to supporting the build-out of EV infrastructure throughout the community. For more information, and to see a list of all EV charging locations in town, visit

Snow and Ice Control Policy

The Town's current Snow Removal Policy is almost 17 years old and is due for an update to reflect Council's strategic goals around transportation and accessibility. As well, the current contract for servicing the municipal roadways is set to expire on July 31, 2019 and will go out for tender and will include meeting the service level expectations outlined in the new policy. You can read the proposed details in the agenda package

Affordable Services Program

The Affordable Services Program (ASP) has been in place for two years, and the number of participants has far exceeded expectations. Currently, 44% of participants have been in Canmore for one to five years, while 33% have been here for 15 or more years. There are 844 people in the program: 313 single adults, 54 couples, 67 dual parent families, 71 single parent families, and 218 children. Based on the feedback provided by renewal participants, the data indicates that the program is reaching its intended outcomes and making a major difference in the lives of low-income earners in Canmore. As one participant said, “it’s a real life-changer.”

Car Camping on Municipal Lots

A short-term parking restriction from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. has been in place since the beginning of the month and an outreach worker has been hired to connect people with resources and collect demographic info. In order to be able to recommend long-term solutions, we need to determine who is sleeping in the lots and what their needs are. Since the restrictions have been in place there is more availability of parking during the day, but people are returning to park a night. We will be reaching out to businesses to determine the impact of parking restrictions, as well as counting vehicles at various times of the week, and meeting with individuals to understand their situation. For more information, visit

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package to read:

  •         Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  •          Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  •          Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  •          Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

You can also see a video of the presentations at

Council Clips – June 4, 2019

Spring Creek Phase 3 (Bylaw 2019-18)

After considering submissions received at the public hearing held at the beginning of this council meeting, Council approved Bylaw 2019-18.  This bylaw creates Stage 3 of Spring Creek Mountain Village in accordance with their area structure plan and establishes several public use and environmental districts. You can read the entire Spring Creek Mountain Village area structure plan at

Future Affordable Housing in Stewart Creek

Council voted in favour of transferring two Town-owned parcels in Stewart Creek Phase to the Canmore Community Housing Corporation. The CCHC is now in a position to develop up to 14 perpetually affordable housing units in this area as resources become available.

Rainbow Crosswalk Coming to Canmore

The Gay-Straight Alliance Group from the Canmore High School made a presentation to Council at the May committee of the whole meeting.  They had several suggestions for ways the Town could support individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, one of which was to install a rainbow crosswalk. Today Council voted unanimously to direct staff to work with the GSA on selecting a suitable location for installing the crosswalk in 2019.

Other council items:

·         Council accepted the Fire Hall Study for planning purposes, and

·         Council was presented with the year-to-date financial report.

Council Clips - May 21, 2019

There were two meetings today – a special business meeting to pass the 2019 property tax bylaw and a committee of the whole meeting, where Council heard briefing reports from the public and from administration.

Property Tax Bylaw
Each year the Town collects taxes from residential and commercial property owners to satisfy approved budget requirements.  The Town also collects revenue for perpetually affordable housing, and is required to collect provincial education tax, the seniors housing requisition, and linear and industrial assessment requisitions.  While the total amount being collected has increased slightly since last year, whether or not an individual owner will see an increase in their bill depends on their property assessment. For more information click here

Public Presentations
There were five presentations from members of the public.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, you can read the written submissions in the meeting agenda package. 

  • The Canmore Collegiate High School Gay-Straight Alliance Group shared ideas for celebrating diversity in Canmore.
  • The Bow Valley Clean Air Society congratulated the Town for approving the Climate Change Action Plan and described their efforts to improve and protect the air quality in the Bow Valley and minimize regional contributions to climate change.
  • The Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley described plans to open a 6-bed residential hospice in Canmore.
  • YWCA Banff spoke to their proposal to build a facility in Canmore with services that address domestic and sexual violence in the Bow Valley.
  • Epcor, the Town’s water and wastewater services provider, presented their 2018 performance report.

Cultural Master Plan Update
Annalee Adair, the consultant preparing Canmore’s new Cultural Master Plan, presented Council with the information they have gathered so far with their community engagement activities. Next steps include further developing priorities, creating a measurement and evaluation framework, and working towards an implementation plan. To learn more about this project click here

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

Council Clips - May 7, 2019

Peaks Landing Development Approved

After several years of controversy, Council has approved a bylaw to rezone a vacant parcel of land known as Peaks Landing, located in the Peaks of Grassi neighbourhood. While this issue pits the larger community benefit of affordable housing against the impact to the neighbourhood, the compromise is to not develop housing on the largest site and designate it as Municipal Reserve (MR), while prioritizing affordable housing. The rezoning will allow 14 townhouse units (10 PAH and four market units) on one site, and the second site will allow for up to eight duplex dwellings. For more information visit

Overnight Car Camping on Municipal Property

Since the summer of 2018, the number people who live or camp in their vehicles has increased significantly. Most apparent are the vehicles parked overnight behind Save-On-Foods and beside Elevation Place. A municipal working group was formed to provide recommendations, and today council directed administration to implement a parking time restriction for this area to discourage repeated overnight parking and to allocate funds to hire a seasonal outreach worker to work with people using the area as a home.  The outreach worker will provide social support for individuals camping in the area and report on the impact of enforcement actions and alternatives to be considered by Council later this year. For more information visit

Free Transit!

Canmore’s local Roam service will be free for all riders starting on the May long weekend. The fare-free program will run until the end of the year, and the meantime, administration will be working on recommendations aimed at making the service free beyond 2019. These recommendations will involve an evaluation of downtown paid parking, which council will be looking at during budget discussions in the last quarter of 2019. For more information visit

And Much More

To read the staff reports or watch the video for these and the other 11 business items considered at this meeting visit

Council Clips – April 23, 2019

The Finance Committee met to review and accept the Town’s 2018 financial statements and to allocate the 2018 operating surplus.  The Finance Committee is made up of all members of Council plus our CAO, Lisa de Soto.

2018 Consolidated Financial Statements

The Town’s 2017 consolidated financial statements were audited by an external third party, Avail LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants. You can see the statements, as well as statements from previous years, at Budget & Financial Information

2018 Operating Surplus

2018 closed with a $1.4M operating surplus.  The surplus resulted from unexpected levels of revenue plus additional savings in contracted/professional services and general operational expenses. Council allocated the surplus to the following reserve accounts:

·         $447,000 to the General Municipal Operating Reserve

·         $349,726 to the Tax Stabilization Reserve

·         $378,000 to the PAH Reserve

·         $200,000 to the Asset Replacement-Rehabilitation Reserve

·         $50,000 to the Flood Mitigation Structure Maintenance Reserve

2018 Capital Project Summary

Council received their annual report an on those capital projects that were completed in 2018 and those that have been carried forward to 2010 as work in progress. Learn more about the Town’s capital projects at Projects


To review any of the staff reports included in this agenda package go to

Council Clips – April 16, 2019

Today was Council’s committee of the whole meeting, which is the forum they use to hear briefing reports on administration’s various activities. Today Council heard an update on the Fire Hall Study and upcoming transportation projects.

Fire Hall Study

Canmore’s current fire hall was built in 1986, when 4,000 people lived here and tourism to the area was not as popular as it is now. With today’s population of up to 20,000 during peak visitation times, the fire hall is operating over capacity and the current location is vulnerable to traffic congestion, which directly impacts travel times. The Fire Hall Study, presented today for information, was undertaken to find the best option for expansion. The study recommends that the Town replace the existing facility with two new fire halls, an 8-bay hall in the Palliser area and a 4-bay hall in Three Sisters, with one constructed within the next four years and the other within the next 30 years, depending on population growth. Council will have the opportunity to decide on a building schedule this fall during budget review. You can read the study here:

Transportation Project Updates

Administration provided updates on a number of projects and initiatives approved by Council to advance recommendations in the Integrated Parking Management Plan and the Integrated Parking Management Plan. These included projects related to transit, Railway Avenue, Palliser Trail, and Benchlands trail. You can read the plans and learn more about individual projects at

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

You can also see a video of the presentations at

Council Clips – April 2, 2019

NEW! Tree Protection Bylaw

In 2011, the trees on Canmore’s public lands were valued at $250M. Until now, however, there has been no legislation to protect this valuable asset and developers and property owners have been able to remove public trees adjacent to their property with little recourse. The Tree Protection Bylaw is intended to protect public trees from removal and damage, as well as provide a means to permit removal of trees when necessary. Visit for more information.

Seat Replacement in the Alex Kaleta Arena

The seats in the Alex Kaleta are nearly 50 years old and are not scheduled for replacement as part of the current lifecycle project. An unexpected opportunity has come up for the Town to purchase spectator seats from the Edmonton Coliseum, which is currently being dismantled, for a grand total of $66K including delivery and installation. Canmore Minor Hockey is prepared to contribute $27K and is working with potential sponsors to contribute even more. The total Town contribution will be up to $39K, an amount much less that the $240K budgeted to replace the seats in 2024. To learn more about the recreation centre lifecycle project visit

Residential Organics Diversion Pilot Starting Early

By coming to an agreement with the Town of Banff to allow the transfer of organic waste through Banff’s system, Canmore residential organics diversion pilot program is set to start a whole year earlier. This fall, residents will be able deposit organic waste in five locations around town.  For more information, visit

Other approvals:

·         Supplementary Assessment Bylaw– to allow assessment of properties under development that have a construction completion date prior to October 1, 2019.

·         Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA) Tax Rate Bylaw – to allow for the collection of taxes from businesses in the BIA to fund the organization’s annual budget.

·         Assessment Review Board Bylaw – to comply with regulations in the Municipal Government Act respecting assessment appeals. 

·         Parks Bylaw – to set out regulations around prohibited and permitted activities in Canmore’s parks.

·         Municipal Naming Policy – to provide direction for approving commemorative names for Town assets such as buildings and parks.

·         Three Sisters Land Transfer – to officially protect trails on Three Sisters land for long-term public access.

To read the reports in the meeting agenda package visit or watch the video here

Council Clips – March 19, 2019

Peaks Landing Re-Zoning Passes Second Reading

Today, Council gave second reading to an amended bylaw that allows for development residential and accessory dwelling units on sites in Peaks of Grassi.  The amendment removes site 3 (with the rock outcrop) from the development and have it remain in the Urban Reserve District. The developer and the Canmore Community Housing Corporation have signed an agreement in principle that CCHC will purchase one of the sites to build 14 perpetually affordable housing units. Third reading of the bylaw is scheduled for May 7, 2019. For more information about the Peaks Landing development visit

Committee of the Whole

Once a month, Council holds a “committee of the whole” meeting to hear briefings from community groups and from administration.

Innovate Canmore
Brian McClure, president and CEO of Innovate Canmore, spoke to a written submission outlining the status of the current build-out of the Phase 1 technology incubator and accelerator business model and a summary feasibility assessment of the viability of establishing a Phase 2, 50,000+ sq ft Innovation and Technology Development Centre of Excellence in the community. For more information about Innovate Canmore, visit their website at

Banff Canmore Community Foundation
Bill Fisher, Executive Director of the Banff Canmore Community Foundation, spoke to a written report presenting information and findings from the organization's Vital Signs report. The presentation included an overview of the report's findings along with relevant community-specific data points. Mr. Fisher also updated Council on the current work of the foundation. For more information about the Banff Canmore Community Foundation, visit their website at

Tourism Canmore Kananaskis
Justin Rousseau, Expedition Management, spoke to a written report presenting Tourism Canmore Kananaskis’s strategic plan. You can read the draft strategic plan by downloading the March 19 committee of the whole agenda package – see item B3.

2018 Protective Services and Fire-Rescue Year End Reports
Council was presented with 2018 statistics from the RCMP, bylaw services, the Police Committee, and fire rescue services.  To see the reports, download the March 19 committee of the whole agenda package and look for items D1 and D2.

2018 Municipal Development Plan Report
The Municipal Development Plan is a high-level planning document intended to provide general direction on how the town of Canmore should develop. This annual review explores what the MDP is asking of the Town, what goals are being met, and what areas will be worked on in the upcoming years. Read the 2018 update pdf here (1.51 MB) .

Committee of the Whole Regular Features
Check out the meeting agenda package to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

You can also see a video of the presentations at

Council Clips – March 5, 2019

Borrowing Approved for Five Capital Projects

Council approved five bylaws authorizing debenture funding for 15-year terms for the following capital projects:

  • Organics Diversion Program
  • Lift Station 6 Lifecycle Replacement Construction
  • South Bow River Loop Water Main Construction
  • Bow Valley Trail Wastewater Upgrade Construction
  • Bow Valley Trail Fire Flow Improvement Construction

 For more information about the Town’s capital projects visit

New Score Clocks for the Recreation Centre

Local business Crossway Community Thrift has offered to pay the costs of replacing the aging score clock in the Alex Kaleta arena in return for the display of their organization’s logo on the score clocks in both the Alex Kaleta and the Thelma Crowe arenas. Council agreed to go ahead with the project, with the understanding that the “Sponsored by Can Bow Motors” sign will remain posted in the Thelma Crowe arena until the score clock there reaches the end of its life in 2026.

Council Appointments

·       Public members Tory Kendal, Joanne March, Christine de Soto, James Kendal, Richard Greaves, Reid Costley, Jeremy Elbourne, and Bryon Parlo were appointed to the Downtown Business Improvement Area (previously known as the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone) board of directors.

·       Michelle Vincent was appointed to the Community Grant Selection Committee.

·       Town administration members Jolene Noel and Sara Jones were appointed as Clerks to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Council Clips – February 5, 2019

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Peaks Landing Direct Control District

Today Council debated second reading of a bylaw that would rezone a property in the Peaks of Grassi neighbourhood to allow for development of approximately 27 residential units and 13 accessory dwelling units. Council has received a large amount of public feedback on this proposal, including significant opposition voiced by residents, as well as several technical reports on matters including steep creek hazard and environmental impact. In order to have more time to consider the implications of passing or not passing the bylaw, Council postponed their decision on second reading to a March 19 meeting. For more information on the development application visit To see the input received at the January 29 public hearing visit

Cultural Master Plan Advisory Group

The Town is working with a consultant to develop a Cultural Master Plan for Canmore. The Cultural Master Plan is a 10-year vision and road map for the planning and delivery of arts and culture that advances participation in, the presence of, and support for culture in Canmore.  Today Council appointed one councillor and nine members of the public to participate in an advisory group that will assist the consultant with the development of the plan.  For more information about the project visit

Lift Station 2 Project Changes

Lift stations are facilities designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevations. Lift Station 2, located off Railway Avenue behind the train tracks, is currently being upgraded in accordance with the Town’s Utility Master Plan and has run into unexpected challenges with respect to high groundwater in the area. Administration requested that Council increase the budget for the project by just over $1M, and Council agreed to provide the funding from the Utility Reserve. For more information about the project visit

Council also approved:

  • A new policy to establish criteria to evaluate requests to install private entrance features in the municipal road right-of-way;
  • An updated Public Participation policy;
  • A reallocation of funds for Cougar Creek long-term mitigation; 
  • An amendment to the Designated Officer Bylaw, adding the fire chief as a designated officer.
  • To read the staff reports and watch a video of the meeting visit 

Council Clips – January 22, 2019

Committee of the Whole Meeting
Three Sisters Development Update

Three Sisters Mountain Village is currently working on two area structure plans (ASPs) to guide future development in Three Sisters Village and Smith Creek. Today they presented Council with the results of their latest public engagement initiative. Themes included affordability, wildlife, mobility, and commercial development. Three Sisters will continue providing opportunities for the public to provide input, and intend to present to the Committee of the Whole again in March to focus on the complexity and interrelated nature of the component within the two ASPs. For more information about the project visit

Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation

After the 2013 floods, the Town created a Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation Program to assess and mitigate the risk associated with Canmore's creeks.  Since the initial priority of implementing short-term mitigation in time for the 2014 run-off, the focus has been on long-term mitigation.  Several construction projects have been carried out on various creeks, and today Council heard an update on the progress that’s been made. They also heard a presentation from the consultant who recently completed the hazard and risk assessment for X, Y, and Z Creeks and Echo Creek.  To learn more about the Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation program visit

Calgary-Bow Valley Mass Transit Feasibility Study

Five municipalities, the Town of Canmore, the Town of Banff, the Town of Cochrane, the City of Calgary, and Improvement District 9, have partnered to commission a study into the feasibility of mass transit services between Calgary and the Bow Valley. The study was presented to Council in an in camera session and is considered confidential until the municipalities jointly release the document in February 2019.

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package at to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • You can also see a video of the presentations at



Council Clips - January 8, 2019

Peaks Landing Land Use Bylaw Amendment

Council has received an application from a private landowner to amend the Land Use Bylaw by rezoning vacant lands in the Peaks of Grassi area to allow for development of approximately 27 residential units and up to 13 accessory dwelling units. A public hearing for this Land Use Bylaw amendment is scheduled for Tuesday, January 2019 at 5 p.m. For more information visit

Planning Board Updates

Council amended the bylaws authoring the Development Authority and the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. Key changes include allowing for per diem compensation to board members and the authorization to live stream and video record public portions of the meetings. The new bylaws will be available soon on  and

Borrowing Considered for Five Capital Projects

Council gave first reading to five bylaws intended to authorize debenture funding for the following projects: 

  • Organics Diversion Program
  • Lift Station 6 Lifecycle Replacement Construction
  • South Bow River Loop Water Main Construction
  • Bow Valley Trail Wastewater Upgrade Construction
  • Bow Valley Trail Fire Flow Improvement Construction 

These bylaws will be advertised in the Outlook on January 10 and January 17. Second and third readings are scheduled for March 5.

Other Council Approvals

 ·         Procedural Bylaw updated to allow for longer regular meetings.

 ·         Sustainability Screening Policy amended by removing the deadline for revisions requested by Council.

·         Exchange of an unused road right-of-way in Three Sisters for an equal amount of developable land.

·         Request that CCHC remit any funds received from the eventual sale of units in Mountain Haven Cooperative Homes to the Town.

Information Items 

·         The 2018 Report to the Community is an annual report detailing progress made towards Council’s strategic priorities. This year’s report can be found here 

·         The All-In Project is an initiative intended to support the mental health of first responders. 

·         A project to draft a Cultural Master Plan for the Town of Canmore has commenced with the hiring of a consultant. This project will include significant stakeholder engagement, so watch for upcoming opportunities to participate. 

To read any of the reports in the council agenda package visit or you can watch a video of any of the presentations from  

Council Clips - December 11, 2018

Bow Valley Regional Housing Update

Ian Wilson, CAO of Bow Valley Regional Housing, provided Council with a verbal update on the organization’s activities and plans. Highlights included an overview of 2018 activity, phase 2 of the “This is Home” project, and the needs study currently underway. Mr. Wilson also spoke to expectations around the 2019 municipal requisition. You can see the presentation by watching the Dec. 11 meeting webcast at

Homeless to Housing Survey

In May of 2018 the Homeless to Housing Coalition carried out a survey to better understand who in the Bow Valley is experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing, homelessness. The resulting report, Bow Valley Spring 2018 Homeless Estimation Count, has already been presented at two public information sessions and today was presented to Council for information. If you’d like to know more or read the report, visit 

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package at to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing Updates

Council Clips - December 4, 2018

Council Accepts Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan sets out our community and corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and reduction targets, and identifies actions intended to achieve these targets. You can read more about the action plan here

Council Remuneration Policy Updated

The Council Remuneration Policy was adjusted so that a councillor’s basic rate of pay covers up to 16 hours of regular meetings each month. Councillors are now eligible to claim a per diem for attending regular meetings in excess of 16 hours per month. This change is intended to address the elimination of four-hour limits on council meetings. Visit to read the remuneration policy. To learn more about Council’s meeting schedule visit

Council also approved:

A clarification to the Budget Amendments Policy, and two agreement renewals with the MD of Bighorn: Family and Community Support Services and Bow Valley Parent Link.

To read the agenda package for this meeting or have a look at the webcast, visit

Council Clips – November 20, 2018

Land Use Bylaw Receives First Reading

The Land Use Bylaw is being revised, and the changes being proposed are based on regulations in the Municipal Government Act (MGA), guidance from the Municipal Development Plan, Council direction, as well as community feedback. The proposed bylaw uses the framework of the existing LUB but will make it easier to understand by improving wording, updating regulations, modifying dated sections, and introducing new regulations. The changes are significant enough to warrant a complete rewrite of the LUB - rather than a large-scale amendment. Council approved first reading of the draft bylaw and scheduled a public hearing at 5 p.m. on Feb. 5, 2019. Details of the proposed changes, public engagement, and next steps can be found at

Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Amendment Steep Creek Hazard


To reflect consistency with the regulations in the proposed LUB, an MDP amendment to update regulations for Steep Creek Hazards is required.  Council approved first reading of the amendment and scheduled a public hearing at 5 p.m. on Feb. 5, 2019.  These public hearings will run concurrently. Details on this proposed amendment can be found under item f2 here

Library Endowment with the Banff Canmore Community Foundation

Local residents have approached the Banff Canmore Community Foundation about providing an endowment to the Canmore Library in support of its programs.  As libraries are a municipal service, Council will provide a letter of support approve the agreement in principle between the donor and the Banff Canmore Community Foundation.  

Council Clips - November 13, 2018

Today Council met as the committee of the whole to hear the following briefings from members of the public and administration.

Three Sisters Mountain Village (TSMV) Public Engagement Report

TSMV owns 80% of the remaining developable land in Canmore, so residents of Canmore are very interested in hearing about the vision for the development and providing their input.  Accordingly, TSMV has initiated a community engagement plan and attended a wide variety of community events to seek input on their draft vision and principles.  Today, representatives of TSMV provided Council with a summary of what they’ve heard so far. To learn more about the proposed development visit

Organics Diversion

Administration reported to Council that they have explored several options for diverting organic materials from Canmore’s waste stream, with the goal of developing a program that strikes a balance between reducing the Town’s carbon footprint, meeting community expectations, and managing cost. The option that best meets the goal is to implement a full commercial program and a pilot residential program. Administration has recommended this option in the 2019 – 2024 budget currently under consideration by the Finance Committee. For more information visit

Human Use Management and Human –Wildlife Coexistence

Administration reported on the work done to advance the recommendations found in the Human Resource Management Report and the Human-Wildlife Coexistence Report including removal of crabapple trees and shepherdia, enforcement of off-leash dog regulations, and participation in related roundtable committees. For more information visit

Canmore Library Update

The president of the Canmore Library Board provided Council with an update on the board’s strategic plan. You can learn more about the library at

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package at to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing Updates
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