Town of Canmore

Council Clips - December 4, 2018

Council Accepts Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan sets out our community and corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and reduction targets, and identifies actions intended to achieve these targets. You can read more about the action plan here

Council Remuneration Policy Updated

The Council Remuneration Policy was adjusted so that a councillor’s basic rate of pay covers up to 16 hours of regular meetings each month. Councillors are now eligible to claim a per diem for attending regular meetings in excess of 16 hours per month. This change is intended to address the elimination of four-hour limits on council meetings. Visit to read the remuneration policy. To learn more about Council’s meeting schedule visit

Council also approved:

A clarification to the Budget Amendments Policy, and two agreement renewals with the MD of Bighorn: Family and Community Support Services and Bow Valley Parent Link.

To read the agenda package for this meeting or have a look at the webcast, visit

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