Town of Canmore

Council Clips – September 25, 2018

Municipal Development Plan Amendment Third Party Environmental Impact Statement

Council voted to postpone (until Oct. 2) second and third reading of a proposed change to the Municipal Development Plan (MD) which would remove the Town’s requirement to have an additional review of Town-initiated projects which require an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  The amendment to the MDP would remove the requirement for third party reviews only on Town projects; third party reviews of EISs would still be required on developer-initiated projects.

Mountain Haven Cooperative Homes Unit Acquisition

Council approved a transfer of $4,245,000 to Canmore Community Housing Corporation (CCHC) from the Perpetually Affordable Housing (PAH) reserve to acquire 17 rental units from Mountain Haven Cooperative Homes (MHCH).  MHCH is a cooperative housing development that provides 44 affordable housing units in the Town of Canmore. These units are comprised of 27 individually owned equity units and 17 rental units collectively owned by the cooperative. Due to a myriad of historical issues, MHCH is facing foreclosure on the 17 non-equity units. The transfer from the PAH reserve will cover the purchase price of the units, the reserve fund loan and the closing costs for CCHC to acquire the units from MHCH and prevent the lender from enacting foreclosure and taking possession of the 17 non-equity units.

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