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Council Clips - September 18, 2018

Calgary 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Hosting Plan Concept

CEO Mary Moran from the Calgary 2026 Bid Corporation (BidCo) presented council with the corporation’s Draft Hosting Plan Concept for the 2026 Winter Games. This document provides a framework for evaluating legacy and hosting investments and opportunities that come with hosting a successful Olympic event. Among other things, it outlines the sport and venue concept, the leadership and operational structure, and the financial plan. The Draft Concept is intended to help government partners, like the Town of Canmore, with decision-making and development of a Multi-Party Agreement, which is an agreement that sets out roles, responsibilities, and cost-sharing of the partners.

After the BidCo representatives made their presentation, the Town’s CAO presented council with a report detailing the concept for Canmore’s possible participation in 2026 Winter Games and analyzing how the Hosting Plan aligns with the Town’s strategic priorities.

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Civic Centre Server Room Relocation

The main server for the Town of Canmore is located on the ground floor of the Civic Centre, making it vulnerable to water damage from a number of sources. In 2014, flooding from a water main break threatened the server and since then, plans have been underway to move the server room to a safer location on the second floor. The project has been tendered twice, with bids both times coming in over-budget. Administration does not believe delaying the project any further will result in better pricing. Council accepted administration’s analysis and agreed to increase the budget for the project from $200K to $300K.

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