Town of Canmore

Council Clips – March 6, 2018

Cannabis Retail Store Locations Considered

With the legalization of cannabis on the horizon, Council gave first reading of a bylaw intended to set out the locations where cannabis retail stores may be allowed. It’s proposed that these stores be permitted in all commercial districts where liquor stores are allowed, subject to approvals by the Town and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. A survey has been launched to give the community an opportunity to provide feedback on the recommended bylaw changes. A public hearing on the land use bylaw change has also been scheduled for Tuesday, April 10 at 5 p.m. More information can be found here: 

Kananaskis Way Apartment Building Approved

Council approved the development of a 159 unit purpose-built residential rental building at 120 and 130 Kananaskis Way. Since a public hearing was held regarding the bylaws required for this development, administration worked with the applicant to make several revisions to address: permitted and discretionary use, unit mix, vehicle and bike parking, building design and mass, landscaping and amenities, and public art.  To learn more about the project visit

Illegal Tourist Home Penalty Questioned

Resident Gareth Thomson recently paid a $2,500 fine for operating an illegal tourist home. He questioned the enforcement process used, namely that he was issued with a stop order and the fine at the same time. He asked Council to reconsider this process in the future, so that a person suspected of illegally operated tourist homes could be warned and given an opportunity to comply with the law before a fine is laid. Council will consider the request at their March 20 meeting.

In other news, Council:

·        Declined to approve a municipal property tax exemption for the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Society

·        Approved a funding increase for a wastewater treatment plan upgrade project

·        Approved additions to eligibility criteria in the Community Grants Policy intended to clarify applications

·        Approved a budget carryover for FCSS

·        Approved conversion of the RCMP clerk position from 4 days a week to 5 days a week

 To read any of the staff reports or watch a video of the meeting visit

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