Town of Canmore

Council Clips – April 16, 2019

Today was Council’s committee of the whole meeting, which is the forum they use to hear briefing reports on administration’s various activities. Today Council heard an update on the Fire Hall Study and upcoming transportation projects.

Fire Hall Study

Canmore’s current fire hall was built in 1986, when 4,000 people lived here and tourism to the area was not as popular as it is now. With today’s population of up to 20,000 during peak visitation times, the fire hall is operating over capacity and the current location is vulnerable to traffic congestion, which directly impacts travel times. The Fire Hall Study, presented today for information, was undertaken to find the best option for expansion. The study recommends that the Town replace the existing facility with two new fire halls, an 8-bay hall in the Palliser area and a 4-bay hall in Three Sisters, with one constructed within the next four years and the other within the next 30 years, depending on population growth. Council will have the opportunity to decide on a building schedule this fall during budget review. You can read the study here:

Transportation Project Updates

Administration provided updates on a number of projects and initiatives approved by Council to advance recommendations in the Integrated Parking Management Plan and the Integrated Parking Management Plan. These included projects related to transit, Railway Avenue, Palliser Trail, and Benchlands trail. You can read the plans and learn more about individual projects at

Committee of the Whole Regular Features

Check out the meeting agenda package to read:

  • Councillor Updates – a monthly report on the activities of individual councillors
  • Service Area Reports – each department provides a summary of operational activities
  • Council Resolution Action List – direction given by Council to administration
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing updates

You can also see a video of the presentations at

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