Town of Canmore

Council Clips – September 17, 2019

Overnight Parking on Municipal Lots

The Town’s outreach worker presented the results of his research into the demographics of people living in their vehicles on public property along with the effects of enforcement activities carried out over the summer. At their October 1 meeting, Council will be asked to give staff direction for working on long-term actions. For more information visit

Teepee Town Redevelopment

Administration presented a summary of changes they will be recommending to planning regulations affecting the Teepee Town neighbourhood. These changes are intended to allow for more affordable housing opportunities and support efficient development of land, among other things. An updated Area Redevelopment Plan and Land Use Bylaw recommendations are scheduled for Council’s December 3 meeting, after which a public hearing will be scheduled. An open house will be held on Oct. 3, and more information is available at

Committee of the Whole regular items

Have a look at the meeting agenda package to read:

·         Protective Services mid-year statistics

·         Councillor Updates

·         Service Area Reports

·         Council Resolution Acton List

·         Bow Valley Regional Housing Bulletin



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