Town of Canmore

Council Clips – May 5, 2020

Community Re-Opening Plan and Tourism Community Conversation

Council discussed the Town’s plans to collaborate with the business community and community groups to move towards recovery is as coordinated and holistic way as possible. Once a re-opening plan is in place, administration plans to lead a community engagement initiative aimed at finding a common ground between the tourism industry and the community and working toward a shared vison for tourism. For more information, read item J2 starting on page 147 of

Pandemic Response Update

To keep up to date with the Town’s pandemic response visit

Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan

The updated Teepee Town ARP is more policy focused and user-friendly, supports the creation of increased housing opportunities, ensures the efficient use of land and sets parameters for future conceptual design for Teepee Town’s transportation network. Council gave first reading to the ARP and scheduled a public hearing for June 2.  For more information visit

Quarry Lake Park Upgrades

Council approved a design plan for several upgrades to the parking lot and area surrounding Quarry Lake Park. This project is funded by the Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation. For more information visit

Cultural Master Plan

The Cultural Master Plan is a roadmap for the planning and delivery of arts and culture in the community that articulates a bold, sustainable, and long-term vision: “In 2030, culture is at the Centre of Canmore’s economic, social, and environmental development in a way that inspires, empowers, and connects community members and visitors.” You can read the plan at

Public Submissions during COVID-19

While restrictions around public gatherings remain in place, Council and their boards and committees are conducting their meetings virtually. Today they passed motion to allow members of the public to participate in public hearings and Subdivision and Development Board hearings held electronically. For more information visit


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