Town of Canmore

Council Clips – June 9, 2020

Property Taxes

Each year the Town collects taxes from residential and commercial property owners as part of the municipal budget. In response to the COVID pandemic, we reduced staffing and service levels, cut expenses, canceled several capital projects, and reduced reserve transfers in the 2020 Operating Budget to lower the overall municipal 2020 tax requirement to 2019 levels. In addition, the tax payment deadline has been extended from June 30 to September 30 without any late payment penalties. For more information visit

New Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan Approved

This new ARP replaces the original plan approved in 2005 and includes allowing for more affordable housing opportunities and amending some of the development regulations around landscaping, roof style, neighbourhood character, and density. Council made some amendments to the plan presented at first reading to address concerns with reference to commercial development and front parking in mixed use areas. For more information visit

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